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Enhance the flavor of the day

Pouly is a bakery-tearoom network established in French-speaking Switzerland since 1974. Founded by Aimé Pouly, it was the father of the “Paillasse” bread baked over a wood fire and shaped by hand, after filing a patent in 1994. This baguette is distinguished by its twisted and crispy shape and has given rise to numerous reproductions in Switzerland. 

Offering many quality local products in 30 points of sale, the Pouly bakery wanted to launch various advertising campaigns related to the chestnut tree. The chestnut tree corresponds to recurring events that can be integrated into a communication plan such as Mother’s Day, Easter, or the first day of winter.

Habefast Study Case Pouly Enhance The Flavor Of The Day
Habefast Study Case Pouly Realization Of Posters And Advertising Flyers

From Mother's Day to the first day of winter

During this collaboration, our team of art directors and graphic designers created all the illustrations for the advertising campaigns launched by Pouly. It was important to respect Pouly’s guideline, from the writing to the illustrations, in order to be perfectly in line with the personality of the brand.

Habefast Study Case Pouly Realisation Of Illustrations Of Advertising Campaigns
Habefast Study Case Pouly Realisation Of Illustrations Of Advertising Campaigns Banner

Pouly awakens gluttony

The mission of our illustrator teams was to create visual universes and communication supports (posters, stop-stops) that are colorful and engaging to encourage passers-by to come and discover the products in the different points of sale.

Habefast Study Case Pouly Creation Of Supports Communication