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Rhône Dental clinic
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Website redesign for this dental clinic

Rhône Dental Clinic is a dental clinic located in the heart of Geneva, offering advanced dental care since 1952. It boasts a team of specialists and state-of-the-art technologies to treat the dental needs of its clientele.

The Habefast teams supported this dental clinic in the redesign of their website to meet several objectives: create a site optimized for SEO, develop its new visual identity and finally, optimize the conversion and tracking of appointments on the website.

Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Office
Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Website Redesign

Optimized mobile design for a better user experience

The site was designed for mobile, with a structure optimized for SEO and conversion with call-to-action buttons, offering a better user experience for booking appointments. Content management and site administration were optimized so that our customer could easily make changes to the site and create his own pages.

Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Responsive Conception
Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Banner

Conversion optimization and tracking

Conversion optimization and tracking were key elements for the Rhône Dental Clinic website. Our web-developers and web-marketers therefore set up a system to track the number of forms sent via various sources such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Google Tag Manager was used to monitor conversions for calls, Whatsapp messages and appointment forms.

Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Conversion Optimisation
Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Banner 02

A high-end visual identity and ergonomics that reflect the clinic's image

Rhône Dental Clinic chose to renew its brand image by developing a visual identity reflecting the clinic’s values, with an upscale, elegant aesthetic represented by a black color palette. To ensure consistency between this new image and the user experience on the website, our web designers worked on ergonomics that reflected the brand, retaining the clinic’s historic color codes, while adding a touch of modernity with a sleeker, more streamlined design.

Habefast Study Case Rhone Dental Clinic Visual Identity