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Terabee is a highly diversified international organisation with a large number of employees in various highly specialised fields: sensing, electronics, optics, robotics, control theory, etc.
They develop and manufacture a wide range of sensor modules, including 2D infrared LED time-of-flight distance sensors, 3D time-of-flight depth cameras and uncooled thermal cameras.
Habefast’s web teams have supported this organisation in showcasing their products and services by redesigning their website presenting the company entirely in English.s thermiques non-refroidies.
Les équipes web Habefast ont accompagné cette organisation dans la mise en valeur de leurs produits et services grâce à la refonte de leur site internet présentant l’entreprise entièrement en anglais.

Habefast Study Case Terabee At The Cutting Edge Of Technology
Habefast Study Case Terabee Creation Of A New Responsive Website

A website in the image of their products

The objective of the Habefast teams? To create a site that reflects the image of this organisation. Terabee products are indeed easy to use, compact, light and offer excellent performance, and this immediately. The teams of project managers, web designers and web developers worked closely together to provide Terabee with a modern and intuitive site, according to very precise specifications. An e-commerce section was also developed to enable web users to buy the sensors directly online.

Habefast Study Case Terabee A Website In The Image Of Their Products
Habefast Study Case Terabee Examples Of Pages New Website
Habefast Study Case Terabee Company Local
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