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Today, a number of companies are equipped with a chatbot on their website. Here is what you need to know about this very valuable tool to improve your customer service. 

Chatbot: definition

The term Chatbot is the contraction of the word “chat” which means: discussion and the word “bot” which means: robot.
A chatbot is therefore an agent (called conversational) that allows to dialogue with a user on a website generally. The first chatbot was created in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum from MIT. 

This software simulates a natural human conversation. On company websites, it is used to answer questions and provide assistance to Internet users. 

Types of chatbots

There are different types of chatbots: the chatbots that act according to a defined framework and a scenario programmed in advance. Companies have to define very precise and diversified scenarios in order not to frustrate the customer. 
It works in a tree structure and the questions have been predefined in advance. 

Also, there are, for example, chatbots with artificial intelligence that can understand human language and decipher its meaning and subtleties. They have the advantage of understanding more things than the tree chatbot and improve the user experience.

There are other forms as this service develops and as the needs of businesses grow.  

What are the advantages of a chatbot?

The advantages of this type of robot is that it can automate customer service, at least for basic and fairly general questions. For more complex questions, the chatbot can redirect the customer to a specialized service. 

The second advantage is that the chatbot is available 24/7. So for customers, it is a considerable advantage to have a contact person at any time and instantly. With a better service, you can hope to improve your conversion rate and therefore your sales. 

Finally, it also allows you to know your customers and their difficulties better and therefore to be able to implement corrective actions to improve yourself.