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Featured Snippet (position 0) - Definition

Position 0 or Featured Snippet is the insert that appears at the top of the search results page (SERP) when using Google. In this insert you can find the direct answer (which comes directly from a web page) to a question asked.
The web pages that are in this 0 position are therefore well referenced and optimised to be recognised as relevant to the query made.
It is called position 0, because this insert appears before the classic search results and is highlighted on the page. This position is highly sought after by companies because it generates a lot of traffic on the website (about 30% of additional traffic according to Content Marketing Institute)

The 3 types of Featured Snippets

  • Paragraphs

This is the most common form of snippet, accounting for about 80% of Google’s Featured Snippets. They are generally used to give definitions or short presentations of a topic in a few lines.
of a topic in a few lines.

  • Lists

They can be numbered and bulleted. They are used in the case where several steps must be followed, such as for a cooking recipe, or in the case where we are looking for a list of elements (the 5 types of management or the 5 tips for

  • Tables

They are used in certain cases where you want to have particular data or rankings for example. They are not very present on Google. 

How to become a Featured Snippet?

To become a Featured Snippet you need to optimise your content to the maximum and know the workings of Google’s algorithms inside out. There is a reflection to have when you want to appear in position 0:

First, you need to identify questions that are regularly asked by Internet users on a particular subject and create content that answers them in a precise and relevant way. 

By analysing the Featured Snippets of your competitors you will be able to identify certain weaknesses that you can try to improve with your content. You should focus on your pages that are already well indexed in Google’s top 10, as they are much more likely to be in position 0.

Then you need to make sure you follow the more classic SEO rules like having a good page structure (meta description, meta title, h1, h2, h3..) and making lists in your content as well as HTML tables all complemented by images.