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Internet, extranet, internet… there are many terms that are part of the web jargon, but how to find your way? Let’s discover more about the intranet and its specificities.

Intranet: definition

The intranet is a network that is used in many companies. It is very important because it allows the employees of a company to exchange files and information in a secure manner. Indeed, the intranet is a computer network that is only accessible to members of the company. To access the various documents, you need to be authorized and identified.

On the intranet, you can generally connect to the Internet, but in a more secure way. The information contained in the computers is actually stored on the server and not on the hard drive.

More used in large companies, it becomes more and more present in smaller structures.

What are the advantages of the intranet?

  1. Better internal communication

    It is obvious that if all documents are stored on servers, it facilitates exchanges between employees, because everything is centralized. Information circulates much more easily.

    It also reduces the number of copies of all kinds of documents and limits the number of useless documents produced by the company.

  2. Cost improvement

    The elements mentioned above show a better efficiency thanks to the intranet and therefore automatically there is a decrease in costs.

  3. Access to various features

    The intranet is also a certain number of accessible functionalities which also exist to improve the productivity of the teams and to facilitate their work such as a chat, collective agendas, common directories…