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The mockup is an essential term in graphic and web design, here is the definition:

Mockup: definition

A mockup is part of the computer language and especially in web design because it is a model of the user interface of a website or an application.

With this type of mockup what is most important is to build the website well and to distribute the functioning and interactions between the different elements that make up the website. The aesthetic aspect will really be worked on at another stage of the construction of the site, but there is still some work done on the aesthetics at this time. Indeed, the objective of the model is to give a first vision of what must be done at the prototype stage and to better present what will be produced at the end of the project.

It will really be used during the design of the aesthetic part of the site or the application to point out the elements to be highlighted and taken into account.

It is also possible to use mock-ups to project customers on future printed creations in order to allow them to imagine their product packaging or their business card in relief.

The advantages of mockups

  1. Highlighting errors

    Since the mockup allows to be quite realistic, web designers and graphic designers can easily realize mistakes, misplacement etc.

  2. Present your work to stakeholders

    This is one of the best ways to translate your ideas and allow the client and stakeholders to visualize the rendering of a web interface.

  3. Optimize teamwork

    The model facilitates teamwork on the project as well as the communication of ideas and serves as a relay between the different people who are responsible for the design.