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A newsletter is a communication tool that allows you to send information by email to a list of prospects or customers. The aim is to share an interesting subject, present the company’s products or make itself known. The aim is to find new customers or to develop customer loyalty. A newsletter is a very interesting format because it is a free format. It can be used to include information about the company or about current affairs. It can also be a playful and responsive format with games, quizzes or other.

The newsletter is a recurring model, we generally send one newsletter per month, but it can be bi- or quarterly. It can be more or less regular. The frequency depends on the content and the purpose of your newsletter.

Why is it good to do newsletters?

There are many advantages to a newsletter.
  • It’s easy to set up: whether you use a service provider or not, you can decide what content you want to offer. You can be creative without spending too much time on it. Plus, it’s sent by email, so it’s convenient and easy.
  • It’s profitable: it’s a very good return on investment in every respect, as the cost is minimal, and you only need a low conversion rate for it to be profitable.
  • It builds loyalty: if your content is entertaining and value-added, recipients will get used to receiving your newsletter and will even be happy to read it. This is why you need to be interested in their consumption habits, whether in terms of information or products, in order to offer them things they will like.

What is the budget for this?

The newsletter has an excellent quality/price ratio, it is indeed a very profitable format which interests the reader and in the long run can convert him into a customer. The unit cost of a newsletter depends entirely on factors specific to each company. If you use a service provider or do it yourself, if you put in a lot of interactive content or if it’s just text, the price is bound to vary. It is therefore important to plan a budget for your newsletter, the advantage being that you can personalise your requests and therefore adapt your objectives to your marketing communication budget.

The different types of newsletter

Prospecting newsletters: this type of newsletter offers products and services to potential customers. They can be launched according to opportunities that arise in the market, or whenever a new product is released.

Loyalty newsletters: this can be after a customer has bought something and is kept in a database, or after a certain number of orders have been placed. You can then make special offers or present new products. In this way, the newsletter helps to build customer loyalty.

Information newsletters: these are designed to inform about new products, or simply to share information related to your core business.