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For a few years now, a number of pictograms have been appearing on all our screens. Let’s find out more about what they really are and what they are used for.

Pictogram: definition

A pictogram is a schematic, figurative drawing that represents a symbol or a graphic sign. They are present everywhere, on the road with the road signs or in the public space. It allows to understand very easily a message.

What are the pictograms for ?

They are used to alert, inform, signal or prohibit. 

In the field of web design, where they are increasingly represented, they make browsing the internet more intuitive. They also allow to easily locate things like social networks, the search area on a site or shopping carts and favorites.

They are also used on print media such as packaging or brochures.

Pictogram VS logo

Attention, the pictogram is not a logo because it does not have the same purpose. The logo is really the image of the brand that will allow it to be known by all and to have a unique identity.
The pictogram has really as objective to inform, it has a meaning and indicates an action or an information. It is a reference point. On websites for example, the pictogram is the entry point to reach a page, a form for example. Depending on what you want to do on a site, it allows you to meet a need if you click on it. Today, pictograms are part of our culture and we pay less attention to them.