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Planning is a tool feared by some, because it is considered time consuming. However, it allows you to save time over time and to gain in efficiency. Here is what you need to know about this tool.

Planning: Definition

A schedule is a table or a software program that is used to schedule work according to a timetable. In companies, it is a real personnel management tool, as it allows to organize the days and to make sure that the legal working time is respected. Within a project, it is essential to have an idea of the different steps that will punctuate the project and to have a global vision of all the tasks to be done as well as their distribution.

How to make a schedule?

The design of a schedule is done in several steps.

  1. step:

    You have to identify and understand all the issues surrounding the project. We must understand what led the company to set up this project and what its needs are

  2. step:

    This step allows you to frame the needs and establish the different things to be put in place. Thanks to this you will be able to define the list of requirements.

  3. step:

    The list of requirements will be used to evaluate the resources (human and material) to be mobilized and the constraints of the project in order to produce a specification.

  4. step:

    This is the planning stage. The objective is to distribute and prioritize the tasks, to build a table that will allow everyone to follow the progress of the project.

  5. step:

    Check with the project stakeholders to make sure that this schedule is appropriate for them. This will also allow you to check the final details and make sure that there are no mistakes.