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What is a webinar? Definition

A webinar, a contraction of the words web and seminar, is an interactive seminar-type meeting. The purpose of a webinar is to generate collaborative work or to ensure the transmission of information to a more or less large audience.

The Webinar is a practice related to the Web 2.0, which emphasizes the principle of interactivity. It is an interactive online conference, listeners become participants, they can ask questions, interact with each other according to different principles.

How does a webinar work?

Most of the time, a webinar is accessible to all users with a link. It can be followed live or in replay or even in audio podcast. However, some webinars can be paid for, in which case entry will be filtered through various devices.

To participate, all you need is a good internet connection, the link and a microphone or a keyboard. Indeed, interactive and quick to implement, it is also very simple to handle the tools necessary to set them up. Software and platforms such as Zoom or Adobe Connect allow you to set up these initiatives for free.

It is often facilitated or co-facilitated by professionals who frame the presentation. To make the whole thing more efficient, it is possible to feed the presentation with slideshows, instant messaging, it is also possible to share screens and documents.

Why organize a Webinar?

Webinars are a real digital communication tool and are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is part of a communication strategy for a company or an institution, or whether it allows you to organize meetings between employees, sometimes from the four corners of the world, the webinar is a working tool that offers important opportunities.

The format is freer than a video conference, allowing participants to truly work together to deliver a project or simply to elaborate and feed a reflection.

During a webinar, it is possible to share screens and documents as well as to exchange ideas via microphones. Everything is designed to facilitate group work. Also, and especially in this day and age, distance learning can be practical and necessary.

Webinars are used by many actors to train, collaborate and produce work. It is also possible on some tools to form remote working groups with participants.