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You want to realize a mobile campaign to promote your company and your activities? You are looking for competent people to accompany you?

Google Ads, the evolution of this advertising revolution

Google Ads appeared in 1998, when Google was only its own search engine. It allowed businesses to bid on certain keywords and then place text ads related to those keywords next to the search results.

In 2000, Google Ads became Google AdWords and advertisers were able to create their own text ads using the Google AdWords keyword research tool (now known as the Keyword Planner).

Over time, Google ads became more sophisticated, with new ad formats and targeting options. In 2004, changes were made to allow advertisers to track conversions and calculate how much they were paying for each click. Then image ads were added to the menu in 2005.

As time went on, Google took into account the evolution of technologies and our consumption methods to adapt Ads in the best way. For example, in 2016, Google announced that it was phasing out ads on the right side of desktop searches to focus more on mobile devices.

What are Google Ads mobile campaigns?

Do you know how many smartphones are used in Switzerland today?

Well, in Switzerland, 92% of adults own a smartphone. That’s a lot of cell phones! And that’s what Google Ads mobile campaigns are all about: helping you reach these users before your competitors.

Google Ads mobile campaigns can help businesses achieve their goals by capturing the attention of potential customers who are already on their phones. By creating an intuitive and easy-to-use ad for users, businesses can build a strong relationship with consumers and encourage them to connect with the business intimately via their mobile device.

Ads in these campaigns are optimized to display on mobile devices and even appear in the most popular mobile apps.

This is important because, more than ever, consumers are using their mobile devices to search for information, shop online and connect with businesses like yours.

What are the advantages of running a mobile campaign?

Google Ads mobile advertising campaigns offer unique advantages that we don’t necessarily find on other media:

  • A better experience for consumers.
  • Offers more options for ad content based on the unique capabilities of mobile devices (such as click-to-call, which allows users to immediately call your business).
  • These ads are more likely to turn into sales because they reach people at the right time (when they are actively looking for something related to your business) and in the right place (when they are shopping, for example).