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As you finally find yourself on the second page of the Google search engine, you realize that 80% of clicks are only on the first five results of the first Google page. And yet, after optimizing your e-commerce site with a good SEO strategy, it is impossible for you to progress and reach the top of the search results. Implementing a good SEO strategy is not always enough to reach the first position on Google when the keyword you are targeting is too competitive and that’s when the role of the paid search consultant comes into play!

Paid search consultant: fields of action and results

Definition of SEA

Paid search or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a form of referencing that allows websites to improve their visibility in Google results pages and land at the top of the rankings. Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural search, it is a paid search technique. Together, SEA and SEO are two levers of digital marketing that constitute what is called Search Engine Marketing.

How the SEA works

The SEA consists in broadcasting targeted advertising on the results of the search engines with the installation of sponsored links. These ads in the form of commercial links are displayed above and below the natural results of the Serp (Search Engine Result Page). With dedicated platforms such as Google Ads, the paid search consultant will buy spaces on the different search engines as well as keywords. When an Internet user will enter a request corresponding to the purchased keywords in the Google search bar, it will trigger the display of the advertisement on the first page of results.

Benefits of SEA

  1. Budget

    In order for your offer to be displayed on the search engine results, the consultant buys keywords at the auction on which he wishes to position you. The SEA is a marketing lever that requires an advertising budget.

    The first advantage of paid referencing is that there is something for everyone depending on your objectives! You can advertise with a large amount of hundreds of thousands of francs as with smaller budgets if you are a smaller structure. Compared to the cost of traditional advertising (billboards, radio, magazine ads, television), your company only pays when a user clicks on your ad. This form of advertising is very efficient because only people interested in your ad will click on it and you only pay for visitors that you have targeted. It is less certain that your newspaper ad will be read by all the readers who need your service.

  2. Qualified targets and conversion rates

    You will have understood that with paid referencing, you only reach visitors who have done research related to your activity in your catchment area. It is therefore highly qualified prospects who are the target of your paid referencing campaigns. Since you will be visible to the right prospects who are looking for your services, you will have a high probability of converting them into customers.

Paid search consultant: expertise, strategy, bidding and writing

An expertise linked to the sector of activity

It is considered that 90% of customers use search engines such as Bing or Google in their buying journey, and among them more than 70% use generic keywords when doing their searches. Internet users do not use brand or product names. It is therefore essential for a company to position itself on generic and strategic keywords for its business to appear and be visible on these requests. It is necessary to choose the good keywords and to know the sector of activity well to be positioned correctly. If you have to select a paid search consultant, be sure that he knows your market, its customers and its problems because each company also does not have the same needs in terms of visibility on Google.

However you should not think that paid search is enough on its own. SEA is not paying to get good visibility, it requires real expertise for the advertising campaign to be effective. The good SEA consultant must know precisely which keywords to optimize, the duration of the campaign (start and end) and optimize a budget that will get you the best results.

Implementation of an SEA strategy

After having met his client to understand his expectations and his objectives in terms of visibility, the SEA expert will draw up the whole strategy of paid referencing by looking at the market and the competition. There are many tools that allow to know the number of monthly searches on a given geographical area, the good keywords, the new trends. The SEO consultant will also be able to determine on which keywords to position yourself to bring the most visibility and generate traffic to your service according to your budget with the bidding system.

The auction system

The SEA consultant will make an analysis of the bids, the CPC or cost per click. Thanks to this audit, the consultant will be able to make suggestions on the most profitable keywords for your advertising campaign. The bid is the maximum amount that the advertiser is willing to pay per click on an ad. It is a competitive system where advertisers can bid on the same keyword, so with a higher bid, your ad will be at the top of the results on the web.

Writing of ads

Bids are not the only criteria to determine the position of an ad, there is another criteria: the quality level. The quality score evaluates the quality of the content of the ad in relation to the landing page and the loading time of your website. A landing page with reassuring and convincing content will increase your conversion rate. An ad with a high quality level and a low bid can be displayed at the top of the results while an ad with a high bid and a low quality level could not. The consultant will thus needs to have skills in content marketing when writing the ads to avoid too high bidding costs for the diffusion of your ads.

Paid search consultant: optimization and follow-up

Once the SEA expert has written the set of ads and you have validated them, all you have to do is launch the paid search campaign on a dedicated platform (like Google Ads). From the beginning, if a paid search strategy has been well set up, you will see more qualified traffic, sales (or your calendars will be filled). You will be able to control the broadcasting budget and reduce it when your teams are too busy.

The SEO consultant will also be able to track your campaign and present you with the results. He will analyze the performance of each keyword; this will give you the opportunity to take strategic decisions: push this keyword or abandon it.

Choose Habefast for your marketing strategy!

The key to success in paid search is to continuously measure your results and optimize your campaigns to improve your performance.

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