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5 December 2022 - Reading times: 5 minutes

Why working with a graphic design agency?

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What is a graphic design agency

A graphic design agency is specialised in the creation of visuals to allow a company to have a good visibility as well as a recognisable and relevant brand identity. Graphic design is an essential practice for a company’s communication strategy, and a graphic design agency can accompany this company and advise it in its strategy.
As advertising and digital communication are growing rapidly, the need for graphic design agencies has increased significantly. Every type of company, whether it is an SME or a large organisation, needs a strong and recognisable visual identity as well as communication media consistent with its identity. As a result, the need for graphic design takes many forms and therefore requires graphic designers with expertise in cross-functional areas.
A company’s website is one of the platforms that has the greatest need for graphic design because it is the interface that a potential customer sees first. Therefore, it needs a good design and clear and precise information so that the user can access useful resources easily and quickly. Graphic web design will require specialisations in UXdesign and web design.

What are the prerogatives of a graphic design agency

Graphic design is a very broad field that requires many skills. This is why a graphic design agency needs different profiles (art director, print designer, web designer, illustrator, etc.) in order to be competent in all the areas required by clients. Its main missions are:

Visual identity and logo

The visual identity of a brand is an essential asset for any communication support of a company. This does not only concern the logo, even if this is an essential point, but it is on the overall communication that the eye of a user must quickly distinguish which company is hiding behind which communication sign. A visual identity is created with specific colours, a logo and a precise typography. All of this corresponds to the graphic charter that must be applied to all types of communication.


Typography is the whole process of type composition in graphic design. It also includes all the different fonts, and it is an essential tool in the visual communication of a company, since it is necessary to choose a font specific to a company to create a brand identity. This font will be used on the various communication tools. There are many royalty-free fonts, but it may be worthwhile for a company to create its own font with the help of a graphic designer to have a unique and easily recognisable visual identity.


Corporate signage is a means of internal communication that can have various objectives, for example to guide customers, remind them of regulations, inform them of events, warn them of risks, etc. A company sign should therefore be very legible and visible with adapted fonts and colours. You can use signage to remind customers of your visual identity by reusing your typography and colours on information that allows it.

Advertising signs

Graphic designers often work on materials such as billboards or other signage tools. They often need to insert images or shapes that can be easily assimilated into the visual identity of a brand. Billboards can be used in a variety of formats, including in buildings, on bus shelters, on illuminated roadside billboards and on posters. All these formats are adapted to a different situation. You can rely on a graphic design agency to advise you on the different formats and to propose the best content according to your objectives.

Website creation and digital design

This is essential for a company’s web communication. Indeed, the website is an important relay of a company’s image as it acts as a virtual interlocutor between the customer and the company. Therefore, the website must have a beautiful web design, be clear, efficient, responsive, lively, in other words, everything to perfect the user experience. If the UX or user experience is good, you will have a better chance of increasing your conversion rate and brand awareness. For your interface to be of high quality, you need qualified web designers and graphic artists with a lot of creativity.


A graphic design agency is essential for a company’s advertising because it allows for a real follow-up on the structure of the advertising campaign. You need to be creative and have ideas for any advertising campaign. A communication agency can propose a communication strategy while the graphic designers will translate the ideas into simple visuals and texts that will appeal to the potential customer.

When to work with a graphic design agency

When you want to create a logo

The logo allows customers to remember you. Indeed, it really reveals your identity, your image and it brings information about the company. It gives you credibility and allows you to differentiate yourself from other companies. Thus, it is an essential element of your communication strategy for which it is important to invest. Going through a graphic design agency is therefore more than recommended at this stage.

When redesigning your visual identity or your website

When you redesign your website, you may or may not want to change your visual identity. In both cases, you need a graphic designer to maintain the existing graphic identity or create a new one, and to take care of all the technical aspects such as responsiveness, design, layout, animations and images. The website is your company’s showcase, so the graphic design must be impeccable for a better user experience.

When you want to promote your products and services

To showcase your products via digital means, you can use several communication channels. There are social networks, websites, video advertisements or advertisement inserts. For this you will need graphic designers who will take care of all the visuals and the respect of the graphic charter. Similarly, for physical communication with flyers, billboards or posters, you will also need a graphic designer to take care of the visuals. This will enable you to expand your customer base in the long term.

When you want to develop your reputation and brand image

Presenting your product and highlighting it is not enough. You have to communicate your brand and your values. Customers are more and more interested in a human and accessible company, so it is also necessary to communicate on your corporate culture. Web projects that allow you to present your products in different media can sometimes require different skills depending on whether you want to create interactive content or not. A graphic design agency can help you with all kinds of visuals that will allow you to stand out while improving your visual identity.

Going through a graphic design agency allows you to build a solid relationship with your customers who will feel closer to you thanks to a strong visual identity and a professional image.

How does Habefast assist you with your graphic design projects?

At habefast, we accompany you on all your graphic projects. Our professional graphic designers will offer you customised logos to give you credibility and a strong visual identity with your customers. We wish to offer you the best graphic tools for your communication strategy, by translating the essence of your messages through quality designs.