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Declination of all communication supports from an existing logo

Censeo, formerly Blue Pillar, is a real estate financing company. It offers support in your real estate purchase project. Their experts advise you, help you determine your real estate financing capacity and allow you to obtain the most attractive interest rate for the purchase of your property.

The Habefast teams had the pleasure to accompany this company in the creation of their new visual identity, the redesign of their website as well as in the creation of communication supports for the realization of advertising campaigns on social networks.

Habefast Study Case Censeo Logo Card

A new visual identity

Censeo’s visual identity had to correspond to their corporate DNA: creativity, dynamism, reactivity, know-how and independence. A dedicated team of project managers, graphic designers, webdesigners and webdevelopers worked on the creation of the new visual identity as well as the redesign of the website, but also the creation of visual communication supports.

Our team of marketing specialists and graphic designers helped them to create the new Censeo visual identity which was to appear on their various communication supports: website, flyer, email signatures, Google My Business page, but also to communicate on this change via the press, newsletters and their social networks.

A website redesign adapted to the new visual identity

We then took care of the creation of their website We accompanied them in the reflexion on the tree structure and the structure of the site, while passing by the webdesign of the latter. It was important that their site be clear and sufficiently documented for the general public to understand their activity. The search for relevant keywords via an analysis of the digital ecosystem was also an important step to give the maximum chance to the site to be referenced at best and to benefit from a strong visibility on Google.

Creation of media for an advertising campaign on social networks

Nous les avons accompagnés par la suite dans leur volonté de croissance sur leurs différents services. Nos graphistes ont pu créer de supports visuels de communication avec la nouvelle identité visuelle dans le but de mettre en place différentes campagnes en utilisant divers canaux. Nous avons donc mis en place différentes campagnes digitales (Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn) pour développer la visibilité de l’entreprise et générer des leads.

Nous avons donc pu effectuer le paramétrage de ces différentes campagnes sponsorisées sur ces canaux donnés. Les campagnes Google Ads ayant plutôt pour vocation de toucher le grand public quand celles lancées sur LinkedIn avait, elles, pour vocation de toucher les cibles B2B.

This project allows us to demonstrate our positioning as a 360° player, both strategic and operational, while showing our responsiveness and availability.