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Creation of a new original and unique independent watchmaking brand

KAURI watches is a newly created independent watch brand. Its originality? The encounter between Swiss watchmaking mechanics and precious or semi-precious wood.

Habefast teams accompanied the founder of the brand in the launch of his first KAURI edition. The logo, the visual identity and the website were imagined and realized by Habefast’s creative teams. From the design of the watch, the materials used and the passion of its creator, a unique universe was born.

Habefast Study Case Kauri Creation Of A New Unique Independent Watchmaking Brand
Habefast Study Case Kauri Logo Brand

The story of the creation of a brand's own universe: a lot of passion, precision and a touch of character.

The logo, the foundation of the brand identity, was created by the graphic teams. The brand name, pronounced “kaori”, takes its name from the oldest wood available in the world. The notion of time, in the form of a compass, and the materials used, with a brown tint for wood and a grey tint for steel, were thus transcribed in the “K” of KAURI.

Habefast Study Case Kauri Logo And Brand Identity Creation
Habefast Study Case Kauri Creation Of Visual Identity Through Communication Supports

The realization of the website or how to adapt the visual identity to the world of the web

The teams of webdesigners and wedevelopers worked on the realization of the website. The objective was to create a website presenting the brand, its history and the launch model.

The challenge? To transcribe the characteristic identity that had been defined for the brand on the internet. Thus, a dark background and a refined design were favored, with the aim of highlighting the photos taken by the Habefast group’s audiovisual production studio:

Habefast Study Case Kauri Realization Of Website
Habefast Study Case Kauri Website Realization Internal Banner
Habefast Study Case Kauri Example Of Watch
Habefast Study Case Kauri Exemple Of Website Page