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Les transports publics de nyon communicate on the takeover of lines 814 and 818

Transports Publics de la région de Nyon (TPN) recently took over management of cross-border bus routes 814 and 818, linking Divonne-les-Bains, Gex, Coppet and Nyon.

This takeover brought with it a dual communication objective. On the one hand, information had to be provided on the fact that Transports Nyonnais was now managing these routes. The second was to launch a campaign encouraging cross-border commuters to choose the bus over the car for their morning commute. Our agency was asked by Transports Publics de Nyon to develop a comprehensive, multi-channel communication campaign, using a variety of media.

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An impactful message: encouraging without making people feel guilty

The initial step was to develop the campaign message, considering creative approaches for hard-hitting, but not guilt-inducing, messages encouraging the use of the bus for journeys usually made by car.

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Accompagnement 360°: a campaign on all fronts

The campaign was disseminated on a multitude of media, including posters inside and outside the buses, the regional press, and large outdoor billboards.

It was also widely distributed on social networks, underlining the scope of the campaign, which required not only the creation of the message and concept, but also adaptation to various media and preparation of files for printing partners.

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