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A passionate, inspiring and innovative brand from Vaud canton

Vaud+ is a local brand that promotes the actors of the Vaud region. Their mission is to increase the attractiveness of the canton, promote its talents and certify the excellence of the Vaud products. They bring together different sectors such as the economy, tourism, culture, sports, education and agriculture. Habefast’s teams supported the Vaud+ brand for the launching of vending machines, in collaboration with Dallmayr, which will allow the sale of local products.
The creation of the visual identity of the vending machines, the communication strategy, the communication supports for the press event and the photo and video shootings were imagined and realized by our expert teams in communication strategy, design and multimedia.

Habefast Study Case Vaud Plus Passionate Inspiring Innotive Brand From Vaud
Habefast Study Case Vaud Creation Of Advertisinsigns For Product Distributor

Creation of the vending machine's brand identity

A long reflection allowed our teams to create modern coverings for the distributors, which highlight local products and reflect the values of the Vaud+ brand: local, with healthy products that taste good and are sustainable.
We first supported Vaud+ in the implementation of its communication strategy in order to provide them with communication advice for the launch of their distributors. We imagined the baseline of the project as well as the different communication channels to be activated. We also had to prepare the communication around the installation of the machines in companies and schools to explain the concept to students and employees. We set up a landing page to make the concept known, and we created a communication kit that included different communication supports according to their needs (totem, social media publication, newsletter).

Habefast Study Case Vaud Creation Product Distributor Visual Identity
Habefast Study Case Vaud Plus Creation Of New Website

Communication supports that reflect the image of the product

Our expert team dedicated to graphic design also had the pleasure to create boxes for the press event of the distributors’ launch. These boxes were designed and thought to look like the distributors in miniature format.
Prior to the press conference, our photo and video studio LakeProd had the opportunity to shoot photos and videos of the distributors. Our videographers and photographers had a lot of fun shooting the launch video and meeting the different actors of this project.

This project perfectly reflects the global and 360 skills of our team of experts.

Habefast Study Case Vaud Plus Creation Of Communication Supports That Reflects Product S Image

A complete digital strategy to promote the project

To promote the Vaud+ vending machines to the people of the canton of Vaud, our strategy experts have imagined a digital strategy that was made up of several creative concepts. We created different contents: writing texts, creating visuals, making videos, to deploy this strategy.
We created an editorial planning over several months, these contents were notably diffused on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
You can find examples in the following section.
The Vaud+ Distributors were a success, and various companies and schools were interested in installing Vaud+ Distributors in their establishment.

Habefast Study Case Vaud Plus Complete Digital Strategy

Modern video concepts, in line with the brand's image

Within the framework of the digital strategy implemented, various contents have been produced to highlight: the concept of Vaud+ distributors, the values of this sustainable project, and the producers who sell their products in the distributors.
Our project managers, our graphic designers and our videographers collaborated to create different types of videos:
– Video interviews with the producers
– A video interview with the City of Lausanne, which has chosen to install vending machines in its offices
– A video micro-trottoir realized in Lausanne to know the opinion of the vaudois on the concept
– A video documentary to explain the project in its entirety

Dressing of a pop-up store

Vaud+ had the opportunity to promote the brand and the Distributors via a pop-up store in Lausanne, where they were represented for a few weeks.
This pop-up store was an opportunity to meet the people of the Canton of Vaud and potential customers.
Our experts in strategy and graphic design worked to make this pop-up store reflect the image of the Vaud+ vending machines.
We created different communication and signage materials to dress up the store: a totem, an XXL poster, flyers, business cards, a sticker for the store window, etc.