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Commitment, experience and entrepreneurship

Founded in 2016 by lawyer Vincent Tattini, Watt law is a Geneva-based law firm dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and companies in business law, banking law and much more. Managed by an entrepreneur, this law firm is driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and wishes to have a digital presence and communication supports that match their ambitions. The web designers and developers of the Habefast agency therefore collaborated with the firm to develop its website and to create an ergonomic web design in line with its values. The firm’s dynamism was conveyed through the various animations, pictograms and colours integrated into the site to testify to the lawyers’ know-how. In this continuity, the site was designed to highlight the different fields of action of the firm and the skills of each member of the firm. An effort is also made to ensure that the site is naturally referenced in order to guarantee a constant increase in organic traffic.

Habefast Study Case Watt Law Commitment Experience Entrepreneurship
Habefast Study Case Watt Law Creation Of A New Responsive Website

A dynamic visual identity

To create harmony between each medium, the Habefast agency’s art directors and graphic designers assisted the Watt law firm in the creation of striking visual supports, from business cards to letterheads. The colour orange, symbol of action and energy, was carefully integrated into each of the supports, alongside the colour black, directly associated with rigour and elegance. The objective: to mix dynamism and lightness for a rendering that reflects the image of Watt law and its values.

Habefast Study Case Watt Law Creation Of A Dynamic Visual Identity
Habefast Study Case Watt Law Creation Of Stricking Signage For Company Offices

Striking signage

From the website to the premises, prospects and clients can observe the harmony of Watt law’s visual identity. It was important to maintain this continuity and coherence in order to unify the entire image that the firm conveys to its clients.

Habefast Study Case Watt Law Creation Of Stricking Signage