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The power of influence marketing

Influence marketing is taking an increasingly important place in the digitalization and the advent of social networks. 73% of Internet users visit blogs and influencer accounts on social networks. In addition, 60% of consumers claim to have already bought a product that a relative or someone they trust had recommended to them. These figures give us a first glimpse of the potential of influence marketing, i.e. the set of practices that aim at guiding the recommendations of an influencer on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, various blogs…

Bloggers and influencers are today extremely powerful and can really create and guide consumption habits. That’s why investing in influence marketing can be a great asset for a company, in order to enhance and promote its brand and products.

Influenceurs.ch, an innovative platform in French-speaking Switzerland

Influence marketing represents a very important issue for companies. However, launching a campaign takes time and requires an in-depth knowledge of the influencers’ ecosystem. With Influenceurs.ch, Habefast offers you a complete and innovative service to bring you in contact with the right people to carry out your influence marketing campaigns.

Influenceurs.ch is the first specialized matchmaking platform between brands and influencers in French-speaking Switzerland. All you have to do is register, we take care of the rest. Unlike existing influencer search tools, we accompany you in your project from A to Z: from the identification of the influencers that correspond to you to the follow-up of the campaign results, our team is at your side.

Moreover, social network users say that they trust more easily an influencer from their region, to whom they feel closer. This is why we work with influencers in French-speaking Switzerland, who maintain a privileged link with their community and therefore your potential customers.

The services offered by Influenceurs.ch

We offer to define and implement your influence marketing campaign from A to Z. To do so, the campaign must follow several steps.

  • The search for influencers

    The number of influencers present on social networks is increasing very quickly and the diversity of their fields of influence is such that it is easy to get lost in this swarming ecosystem. Influenceurs.ch already has at its disposal a database of several hundred influencers, in different fields: beauty, lifestyle, fashion, cooking, travel, business… Moreover, the communication media of these influencers are numerous (blogs, vlogs, classic social networks…) and it can be difficult, without dedicating oneself fully to the exercise, to identify the right networks for a given operation. We enrich our database on a daily basis in order to respond as precisely as possible to your needs.  Based on a given issue, we can contact influencers who are closest to your values, whose audience will be receptive and attentive to your message. Very powerful influencers, followed and listened to by many Internet users, can be completely ineffective in relaying messages that are too far from their usual communication, or even create a bad buzz. Influenceurs.ch has the necessary expertise to find the right people for you and to launch a successful influence marketing campaign.

  • Making contact and negotiation

    It may be thought that approaching an influencer to propose a partnership resembles an ordinary commercial negotiation. In fact, there are very precise codes that companies have to respect if they want to get into the good graces of influencers and establish a lasting relationship of trust with them. The experts at Influenceurs.ch work with many influencers every day and know how to approach them and develop the best partnerships with them, to bring your campaign to a successful conclusion. We discuss the terms of the contract with you beforehand and we take care of presenting them to the influencers.

  • The publication strategy

    To reach their audience, influencers generally use publications on their blog and social networks. It is very important to clearly define the timing of these publications. Depending on the terms of the partnership, an influencer commits to produce more or less publications related to your company. Regardless of the number of publications we will have negotiated for you, the day and time when these publications will be made public will have an impact on the reach (the number of people affected, who will see the publications). It is therefore necessary to agree on these variables. Influenceurs.ch advises you to determine the most suitable niches for your campaign. Furthermore, depending on the partnership negotiated, your company can play on the content of the publications (type of visual, text).

  • Setting up and monitoring performance indicators

    As with any communication campaign, the reach and effectiveness of an influence marketing campaign can be measured by performance indicators. The specificity of these campaigns makes it necessary to define appropriate indicators: reach of publications, engagement rate (proportion of Internet users who reacted to the publication)…

    Since these indicators are specific to influence marketing, Influenceurs.ch offers to monitor your influence marketing campaigns and to formulate appropriate recommendations. The Habefast agency accompanies you beyond the signature of an agreement by measuring the performance of each of the actions carried out with influencers, and by verifying that the commitments are well kept. 

    Influenceurs.ch is the trusted third party that can change everything in your influence marketing campaigns! Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or a first appointment.