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Do you want to develop your brand and acquire new customers with a controlled budget? Do you want to bring your brand to life by creating an engaged community? Social networks can be a good way to increase your company’s visibility and get people talking about you. Our web marketing agency Habefast helps you to build an e-reputation and to use these new media to your advantage.

Social networks, powerful media

Today, social networks are a major stake in the marketing strategy of companies. First of all because they are a high-potential distribution factor: Facebook, for example, has more than 3.5 million active users in Switzerland in 2022, and Instagram and Snapchat captivate 67% of the country’s 15-24-year old.

A well-executed social network strategy can allow you to considerably increase your visibility by multiplying the points of contact with the customer. It is also a way to create a true brand community: word of mouth has become virtualized in recent years, creating a phenomenon of digital social recommendation. Social networks can help to create a real relationship of trust with potential customers. Indeed, according to studies conducted by the Nielsen Institute, when a person is looking for information on a brand or a company, his first reflex is to go and consult the opinions and comments left by other Internet users. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to your social network pages in order to benefit from the advantages of positive reviews.

If you think that your company’s reputation is at risk on social networks, you can consult our pages on crisis communication and e-reputation.

A tailor-made Social Media Optimization support

Our web agency Habefast is specialized in SMO (Social Media Optimization process), i.e. in all the actions that allow to build or maintain a brand community on social networks. Our team can help you build your company’s e-reputation and increase its visibility by building a social media planning strategy.

The services we offer:

  1. Community management

    Our team of passionate people can create and manage your pages on social networks. For you, we plan regular posts with quality content. Our integrated design agency and our multimedia pole allow us to create eye-catching and original visual supports (photos, computer graphics, illustrations, videos) that will set you apart from the competition.

    Our goal: to create a true community that will bring your brand to life. We can also play the role of animator and moderator. Our team can respond to your account and ensure that the opinions and comments about you remain positive.

  2. Influence marketing

    Thanks to our influencer.ch networking platform, we can connect brands with opinion leaders. We help you to find bloggers who correspond to your brand values and plan together a succession of posts that he/she will make to put your offer forward to his/her community. This way, you can reach new customers by targeting Internet users that match your positioning. By choosing this method, you also multiply the links that return to your website, allowing you to have a better natural referencing.

  3. Competitive intelligence

    Our web agency also offers a competitive intelligence service. For you, we follow and analyze the accounts of your competitors on social networks. Thus, we can help you answer some questions: how are they positioned among Internet users? What product innovations do they offer? How do they animate their community? What are consumers’ opinions on their products? Thus, we help you to better discern the expectations of consumers in your market and thus to better adapt your offer.

  4. Regular reporting and analysis

    At Habefast, we want to create a relationship of trust with our clients and we believe that this requires complete transparency on the results of the campaigns we run. Our scientific and rational approach to marketing has often proven itself and we will be able to demonstrate the impact of our actions and recommendations. Throughout your digital campaign, we set up performance tracking indicators that we share with you to analyze together the impact of our strategy.

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Social networks: Frequently Asked Questions

Why rely on social networks to generate traffic?

Social networks have become the showcases of brands. In fact, by focusing your communication on social networks, you can set up a strategy to build prospect loyalty. They also represent one of the levers of traffic acquisition by allowing to federate the public and to make viral the actions of communications of the company.

Which social networks are relevant for companies?

It all depends on the company’s sector of activity and its targets. For an effective content strategy, you need to be present on the social networks used by your prospects. Depending on criteria such as age group, some media will be more useful than others. If you’re doing B2B, consider LinkedIn, or for B2C, consider content on Instagram or Facebook.

How to acquire traffic by using social networks?

If used properly, social media can help your business generate qualified traffic. To do so, optimizing your natural referencing through a blog or an efficient content writing on your website can be useful. Also, Google Ads and emailing campaigns are useful levers.