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With over 10 years’ experience, Habefast is a consistent communications and strategy consulting agency. Our offices are in Nyon, and we work for clients throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Who are we?

“Our company is halfway between a strategy consultancy and a global communications agency. Our main raison d’être is to help our customers achieve and exceed their objectives. Our know-how: enhancing yours. Our philosophy is action-oriented, and our entrepreneurial vision makes us a source of ideas for our customers. Our aim is to offer you 360° support, while emphasizing our versatility. The methods we use on a daily basis have proved their worth in a wide variety of sectors, and in different sizes and types of company: in just five years, we have immersed ourselves in sectors as varied as construction, education, public administration, the automotive sector, food, health, sport, fashion and luxury goods.

Above all, Habefast is a human adventure shared by a dynamic, enthusiastic team, constantly striving for quality and customer satisfaction. Because we believe that there’s no such thing as a turnkey solution, we build the right solution for our customers. We work with you, in a spirit of cooperation, and develop a relationship of trust with each customer: it’s by staying close to you that we can develop an innovative solution and support you throughout your project.

At Habefast, we emphasize an entrepreneurial culture and get involved in each customer’s development. We can act as a business gas pedal and energize your development.”

Habefast Communication Who Are We Boris Alonso

Boris Alonso

Founder of the Habefast agency

Our values: harder, better, faster, stronger

Habefast is a contraction of the first two letters of each word in Daft Punk’s song title: “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger“. Here’s why these values are so important to us.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Harder


    We adopt a well-thought-out approach, coupled with in-depth strategic analysis prior to each action, to gain in rigor. As a result, we can offer you effective, sustainable solutions based on the experience we’ve built up over the years.

  • Hhabefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Better


    Our teams are dynamic and dedicated to your success, working to achieve your objectives in the spirit of innovation and creativity that is our hallmark. Our solutions are designed for you and with you. We take care to maintain honesty and integrity: we commit to a fixed price and promise you achievable goals.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Faster


    Our open space brings together all our business experts under one roof, guaranteeing you optimum responsiveness and confidential treatment of your data. At Habefast, you have a single point of contact, able to manage all aspects of your project. Your deadlines are our deadlines, and we’re committed to meeting them, to support your development as quickly as possible.

    At Habefast, responsiveness also means that we are committed to adapting to changes in the market and always offering you the most innovative solutions.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Stronger


    Our organization is flexible, enduring and resilient: it ensures continuity of operations whatever the context of your business. What’s more, to provide you with new avenues for improvement and growth every day, we pay close attention to results measurement and ongoing feedback from our teams and customers.

Habefast Logo

Our customer commitment: responsiveness, creativity, passion

Our commitment can be summed up in three words: responsiveness, creativity and passion.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Commitment Reactivity


    because we are committed to finding a solution for our customers as quickly as possible, adapting it to changes in the market.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Commitment Creativity


    because innovation is part of our DNA: supporting and promoting your development means offering you an original solution tailored to your needs, developed specifically for you.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Commitment Passion


    because we are fully committed to each and every customer: this commitment is our strength and yours.

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Our business lines

At Habefast, we offer 360° support to each and every one of our customers. This is made possible by the fact that we bring together a large number of industry specialists within the agency, to ensure that projects run smoothly. Each of the services required to move your project forward is carried out by our teams.

Our teams are divided into two main areas: strategy consulting and communications. This dual expertise makes us unique in French-speaking Switzerland.

  • Strategy consulting

    Our teams specialize in corporate strategy consulting, growth strategy consulting, innovation consulting, business start-ups and marketing strategy consulting (marketing outsourcing, communications consulting).
  • Communication agency

    As a global communications agency, we work on a wide range of advertising issues: web platform creation, traffic generation, advertising campaigns, media planning, print and digital graphics.

Our areas of expertise, all under one roof, are as follows:

At Habefast, we offer 360° support to each and every one of our customers. This is made possible by the fact that we bring together a large number of industry specialists within the agency, to ensure that projects run smoothly. Each of the services required to move your project forward is carried out by our teams.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Area Pictogram Strategy


    Our project managers, experts in strategy, will be your single point of contact throughout our collaboration. They are responsible for the smooth running of the project.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Area Pictogram Marketing


    Our project managers will also bring all your marketing projects to a successful conclusion, thanks to their expertise and experience, the result of quality collaborations.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Area Pictogram Creation Division

    Creative department

    Our graphic and web designers create all print and web communication media (posters, flyers, web banners, design…) and develop visual identities for our customers. With their rich and diverse backgrounds, we have the in-house resources to meet the variety of your creative needs.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Area Pictogram Web Development

    Web development

    Our web department develops your websites and mobile applications, according to your requirements, to offer the best possible reflection of your company. With a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives, our web department is able to design a customized website for your company that meets your expectations and faithfully reflects your corporate identity.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Area Pictogram Multimedia


    The photographers and videographers in our integrated multimedia studio produce all types of photographic and audiovisual content to suit your production needs.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Area Pictogram Employer Brand

    Employer branding

    At Habefast, we understand the importance of building a strong, attractive employer brand to attract and retain top talent. Our employer branding service is designed to help you create an authentic and engaging employer image, reflecting your corporate values and culture.

Our communications agency is made up of a team of business development enthusiasts, driven by both challenges and innovative ideas. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and realize your most ambitious desires, by offering you customized, original and effective communication solutions.

We'll help you develop:

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Acquisition Strategy

    A new customer acquisition strategy

    Together, we develop a personalized acquisition strategy. Our approach includes identifying your priority targets, defining key messages, and selecting the most effective communication channels.

    We take charge of implementing your acquisition strategy. From content creation and advertising campaign management to the deployment of SEO and SEA techniques, we ensure that every action is optimized to attract and convert your prospects.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Brand Personality

    Your brand personality

    Together, we develop your visual identity. In the world of marketing, your brand’s personality is essential because it creates a powerful emotional bond with your consumers, encouraging them to engage and build loyalty.

    Here are the five key pillars of brand personality that we can develop together:

  • The opening

    synonymous with innovation and curiosity, inspires us to push back the boundaries

  • Conscientiousness

    evokes reliability and professionalism, building trust and confidence.

  • Extraversion

    creates a dynamic atmosphere through interaction and connection

  • Pleasantness

    it’s that welcoming warmth that envelops your customers, giving them a sense of well-being

  • Neuroticism

    recognizing concerns and offering reassuring support in moments of doubt

These pillars enable you to transcend the simple product to become an emotional experience, and a shared story. Working alongside you, we develop your brand’s personality and create lasting emotional bonds with your customers, who are at the heart of your company’s strategies.

  • Habefast Communication Agency Our Values Pictogram Contact Points

    Your contact points to increase your visibility

    The following contact points will help you expand your audience:

  • Paid media
  • Virality and Social Networks
  • Natural referencing
  • Prospecting
  • Network

You’ll be able to observe the evolution of your brand visibility.

What makes us unique

  • Habefast Communication Agency Pictogram Methodology

    Proven and effective project management methodologies and tools

  • Habefast Communication Agency Pictogram Questions

    Our research anticipates your questions

  • Habefast Communication Agency Pictogram Delays

    On time delivery

  • Habefast Communication Agency Pictogram Budgets

    Genuine transparency on your project budgets, with respect for defined fixed prices

  • Habefast Communication Agency Pictogram Rights

    Full assignment of copyright on our creations

  • Habefast Communication Agency Pictogram Contracts

    The possibility of interrupting our regular contracts at any time, without constraint, because we are confident in the quality of our work.

And don't forget!

Be in tune with the worldview of the people you want to serve.

You never bathe in the same water twice: your brand may not fluctuate as much as a river, but it undergoes microchanges throughout its existence, so let us help you develop its visibility!

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Denis BurdetDenis Burdet
09:41 24 Jun 24
Super expérience avec l'équipe Habefast dans le cadre de la refonte de notre plateforme en ligne trOOdi.ch !Proactive et précise, l'équipe a vraiment été à notre écoute tout au long du projet et a su nous accompagner avec bienveillance.J'avais déjà vécu une très bonne expérience dans le cadre d'un autre mandat de branding relatif à l'identité visuelle de la marque Terre Vaudoise.
Yannick GrivelYannick Grivel
18:03 08 May 24
Le Triathlon de Nyon collabore avec Habefast depuis plusieurs années pour différents éléments. En 2024, ils sont refait intégralement notre site internet. Ils développement également la ligne graphique de chaque édition qui sont toujours originales et de qualité. Le suivi, la qualité et la rapidité d'exécution ou de réponse à nos demandes sont à relever. Je ne peux que les recommander les yeux fermés!
Bastien DrozBastien Droz
09:05 19 Apr 24
Super service et à l'écoute. Je recommande ce partenaire
Nathalie MarmierNathalie Marmier
07:36 03 Dec 23
😃 Je suis très heureuse de travailler avec toute l'équipe d'Habefast. Je me sens soutenue, écoutée et surtout comprise dans mes besoins. 🙏 Merci beaucoup. Je recommande cette agence.👍
Direction EPS RolleDirection EPS Rolle
13:49 15 Nov 23
Nous avons refait nos logos avec Habefast. Tip top, rien à redire. Service après-vente impeccable. A recommander.
Arborisme Leuba SAArborisme Leuba SA
14:06 20 Jun 23
Notre nouvelle marque, identité visuelle, ainsi que notre nouveau site internet viennent d'être terminés avec Habefast. Nous sommes ravis, c'est une équipe réactive, à notre écoute et de bons conseils ! Les visuels sont top, vous pouvez venir voir par vous-même ;)Nous vous les recommandons vivement !
Alexia HamelinAlexia Hamelin
16:40 01 Dec 22
Un très bon atout pour débuter et développer son entreprise : étude de marché au top, conseils avisés et perspicaces pour la suite, réactivité au top lors de grosses échéances. On se sent bien entouré et guidé, je recommande!