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Founded in 2012, Habefast can be considered as a large local communication agency for different reasons: the size of our team, the diversity of our expertise, the fact that we have renowned clients in various sectors. Our offices are in Nyon and we work for clients throughout French-speaking Switzerland, as well as nationally and internationally.

Our 360° support allows companies to successfully adapt and seize these new business opportunities. We have a variety of trades in-house, such as marketing and communication specialists, strategy consultants, graphic designers, photographers, SEO experts, with the aim of offering our clients comprehensive support.

We help companies achieve their goals by highlighting our versatility and using methods that have proven their worth in a wide range of industries. We are also a force of proposal for our clients thanks to our entrepreneurial vision.

Why choose a major communications agency?

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to manage all aspects of communication and marketing. This is why it is becoming more and more common to call upon a large communication agency to outsource this activity. The advantages are numerous:

  • Time saving

    companies can focus on their core business by letting an experienced team manage their communication.

  • Expertise

    a large communication agency has multiple trades necessary to meet all the communication needs of the company.

  • Force of proposal

    a large communication agency is able to propose innovative solutions adapted to each company thanks to its entrepreneurial vision and the experience generated by the multiple projects carried out over the years.

At Habefast, our entrepreneurial culture allows us to be a force of proposal for our customers and to accompany them in their development and growth objectives.

We are a communication agency that demonstrates its expertise in strategy, communication, web design marketing and data analysis. We therefore have all the necessary trades, to meet the needs of our customers and we are able to offer innovative solutions tailored to each of them to help them achieve their goals.

How can Habefast help you speed up your achievements?

One of the main concerns of companies is to carry out their projects in an efficient and fast way. At Habefast, we understand this need and that is why we emphasize our ability to implement effective and sustainable solutions. Our experts have the experience and skills to adapt to all types of markets and industries.

Our experience in a variety of industries allows us to understand the specific needs of each company and to implement appropriate solutions. We have worked in sectors such as construction, education, public administration, automotive, food and sports.

Finally, we like to be involved in the development of each of our clients. This is why we have launched subsidiaries, such as LakeProd, our audiovisual subsidiary, which has become a reference in photo and video studios in French-speaking Switzerland in a very short time. We can act as a business gas pedal and boost your development.

How can Habefast offer you a real follow-up for your business?

At Habefast, we take a thoughtful approach to each project and conduct a thorough strategic analysis. This allows us to provide you with effective and sustainable solutions based on our years of experience. We commit to a fixed price and promise you achievable goals.

Our relationship of trust with our clients is a key element for us. By organizing meetings in our offices in Nyon, we stay close to you. We can then develop innovative solutions to accompany you throughout your project. We listen to you to understand your needs and propose solutions adapted to your project.

Our team is dynamic and dedicated to your success. We are at your side to achieve your goals with a spirit of innovation and creativity. We are a force of proposal for our customers thanks to our entrepreneurial culture. We are involved in the development of each of our clients to accelerate their success.

Finally, by calling on Habefast, you benefit from a real follow-up for your company. We are a large global communication agency, which has all the necessary experts to offer you a 360° support and accelerate your achievements.


Habefast is a company that can be considered as a large communication agency and our mission is to help companies to succeed in developing on new acquisition channels. We offer a 360° support that uses our expertise in communication and strategy to help companies achieve their goals. We also have all the needed skills to meet the needs of our clients and we are able to offer innovative solutions tailored to each of them.

We invite companies to contact us to find out how we can help them accelerate their success.