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Our global communication agency is open to different types of sponsoring and partnerships.
Our teams are committed to investing in organizations and events that make sense and have a positive impact on our society. We see partnership as a positive contribution to the company and a win-win strategy, especially when it concerns projects at the local level.

A commitment that gives meaning to our company

As a consulting firm and 360-degree agency, we put at your disposal all our skills in strategy, communication, marketing, design, web, photography and video to bring your project to a successful conclusion. Composed of a dynamic team with a spirit of cooperation, the Habefast agency is very receptive to projects in the universe of culture, sports, sustainable development and social impact.

We see partnership as an opportunity to form a win-win collaboration. We help you make your project a reality by giving you the opportunity to focus on your core business.

We offer pro bono services to causes we care about several times a year.

Our partnerships and sponsorships

We have had the pleasure of being partners or sponsors of different types of associations, companies and events. Each organization has enabled our teams to make the most of their skills but also to broaden them thanks to their diversity.

Habefast Sponsoring Triathlon Nyon

The Nyon Triathlon, a local event with national visibility

23 race starts, 3’043 triathletes, the 2019 edition of the Nyon Triathlon was once again rich in emotion! In two days of event, the audiovisual production team of our subsidiary Lakeprod had the pleasure to immortalize these moments of triple effort through photography and video. The sharing, the passion and the pleasure of the triathletes show to what extent the philosophy of the Nyon Triathlon is pleasant for both participants and spectators.

Sponsoring an event such as the biggest Triathlon in Switzerland was a new challenge for Habefast! Our team of project managers, graphic designers, web-developers and photographer-videographers were interested in the sporting world and sensitive to the need to surpass oneself, and their objective was to transcribe as faithfully as possible the values of these sporting events. In 2018, we had the pleasure of creating the competition’s website.

In 2019, numerous print works were carried out to promote the event and extend its visibility. The visual identity of the Nyon Triathlon has been integrated into the banners, flyers and rolls up to show the dynamism of this competition.

After having produced the print part, our subsidiary LakeProd took over to immortalize the best moments of this competition! The objective: to capture the atmosphere of this tripe effort and the emotions felt by participants, spectators and organizers!

Habefast Sponsoring Tedx Geneva

TEDxUniGeneva: an academic and local event

9 speakers had the opportunity to express their views, ideas and knowledge during an event organized by students of the University of Geneva. Under the name of TEDxUniGeneva, the lectures focused on topics that are little known to the general public despite being totally topical. The musical art expressed by a deaf and dumb artist, the problem of miscarriages of justice, and even the fractures of a globalized world through photography, pushed both spectators and participants to a new reflection and open-mindedness.

Sponsoring an event such as this one and transcribing the discussions through video was a way for our teams to give meaning to their work. Immortalizing this moment gives the organizers the opportunity to promote this edition, while ensuring the visibility of the next one by attracting new spectators.

The shots focused on the speakers will give those absent a real immersion in the conference.

Habefast Sponsoring Caribana Festival

The Caribana Festival, a vibrant sponsorship

In the outskirts of Lake Geneva in Crans-près-Céligny in the canton of Vaud, the Caribana Festival takes place every year and knows how to delight its audience, whatever their age. Created in 1990 by a group of friends, this non-profit association brings together around 30,000 spectators in a friendly setting.

The 2018 edition was marked by 4 intense days and a diversified program. Our team of video photographers was able to capture the most intense moments of the festival by finding the subtle balance between anticipation and reactivity. Adaptation was essential, each shoot had to reflect the philosophy and energy of each artist from a completely different background.

Within the framework of this partnership, our team was able to rely on emotion and energy. The objective: to promote the event and future editions through photography and video. Varying the contents was then essential in order to transcribe the overall spirit of the Caribana Festival, be it through interviews or portrait photos of the artists.