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Definition : ambassador

In a broad sense, an ambassador is a person charged with a mission of representation.

More specifically, in the diplomatic sector, this person can be an ambassador of a state, in which case he or she must represent it to foreign states.

Also, there are brand ambassadors, their role is to promote products and services or, more broadly, a brand to a certain public. There are several realities that can change the definition, but the principle remains the same.

The different types of ambassadors:

  • Customer brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador can be a customer who spreads word of mouth around the brand and participates in promoting the brand without receiving any payment. They are also useful because they can provide feedback

  • Ambassadors recruited on an ad hoc basis by a brand

These ambassadors, who may or may not be under contract, must promote the brand for a given period of time to a given audience. Today, many influencers become ambassadors by promoting certain brands on an ad hoc basis for a fee.

  • The muses

This is a person recruited on a long term basis to represent the brand or a product of the brand on many events and advertisements.
For example, Dior called upon Charlize Theron and Robert Pattinson to be the muses of the brand.
Rolex has called on sportsmen like David Beckham or Novak Djokovic.

  • Internal ambassadors

They are employees of the brand or collaborators of the company who promote the image and the products to external people and companies without having a commercial function. There may be an ambassador position, but each employee may, depending on the situation, take on this role (meeting, presentation video, etc.)

The essentials to become an ambassador :

  1. Have influence around you or on social media

  2. Like the employer brand or the product

  3. Be a user of the products

  4. Creation or sharing of content

  5. Credible, your message must be clear and must be spontaneous

  6. Dialogue with the brand

Ambassadors are also chosen according to a marketing strategy, more precisely branding. They must share similar values with the company in order to create a sense of belonging and reinforce the credibility of the campaign.

The value of an ambassador for a brand

When hiring ambassadors, brands seek to gain awareness and improve their brand image. It is a communication strategy that should allow to federate new customers thanks to the celebrity or the influence of the chosen ambassadors. They can be used to build customer loyalty, to transform customers into ambassadors, to reach new targets, but also to increase the number of followers on the brand’s social networks.