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API definition

Api stands for Application Programming Interface and refers to software that mediates communication between two applications and allows them to share data.

These application programming interfaces allow an IT entity to interact with one or more third-party systems by subjecting the interaction between these systems to access conditions.

What are the concrete uses of programming interfaces?

  1. They allow the connection of different software

    APIs allow a product or service to communicate with others in a reciprocal manner without requiring developers to know the details of their implementation. In order to connect two software products, APIs ensure that the interaction between the interfaces respects the access constraints defined by the third-party system.

  2. A connection allowed regardless of the programming language

    In fact, regardless of the programming language used by the different software, APIs play the role of a gateway. In order to use a program, the developer uses a programming interface that allows him to exploit the services or data of another software without having to integrate the entire program into his coding.

  3. Facilitates the integration of software into an existing architecture

    By offering more flexibility, APIs simplify the design, administration and use of programs and give the means to innovate. They also simplify the work of developers by enabling the integration of new application components into an existing architecture.

What are the uses of APIs?

They are used daily by various actors:

  • Used by companies

APIs are major assets for companies, as they allow them to easily communicate data to their customers or facilitate access to their applications.

  • Used in Ecommerce

They are very much used by Ecommerce platforms, whether for payment platforms, reservation sites, or to consult the opening hours of a company.

  • Used by various applications: transportation, google maps, weather applications…

The weather application on your phone for example uses an API since this application does not directly analyze the weather information but connects to a database to display it.