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The digital professions are in permanent development and for a few years now, many companies have recruited community managers to join their communication teams.
What exactly does this job involve? Here is everything you need to know:

Community management: definition

Community management consists in the implementation of a strategy to animate the communities of Internet users on digital platforms. These communities are mainly present on social networks.

Originally, what was called community management corresponded rather to the moderation of forums for example to be sure to control the brand image. Today, community management is much broader and has become more professional. The objectives are to create exchanges in the communities, engagement with the brand, increase awareness and manage the e-reputation. In community management, there is an important part which consists in carrying out global competitive intelligence to know what works in a general way on social networks, but also an intelligence of its competitors to ensure to have a sufficiently differentiating content.

The main missions of a community manager

  1. Develop a global digital strategy

  2. Manage and produce content for social networks

  3. Develop the brand's e-reputation

  4. To promote the company, its products and its know-how

  5. Moderate comments

  6. Animate the community by creating engagement

  7. Analyze performance and make recommendations

This list is not exhaustive and depends on the needs of each company.

Tools to master for community management

Here are some examples of tools used in community management:

  1. Hootsuite Analytics allows to analyze each network and produce structured reports

  2. Google Analytics allows to monitor website and social network traffic

  3. Bit.ly which allows to analyze the performance of links published on social networks

  4. Google Alerts and Netvibes that allow you to do monitoring

There are a lot of tools, some of which are much more advanced and allow you to create graphical content or make very precise analyses.