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CRM: Definition

The CRM is a software that is used within companies to allow them to manage their relationships with their current and prospective customers. This software is often used for contact management, sales and marketing projects for example. These tools are strategic for the company since they are essential in the management of information. 

The CRM will list and organize all the useful information for the company such as contact information, news of the companies prospected and the interactions between our company and the client company present in the CRM. The objective is to allow companies to use this information in a simplified and optimized way according to their needs. 

Much more than a simple database, the CRM allows to have elements with strong added value for the companies. Depending on the CRM, it can manage the customer relationship at all stages of the journey.

The 3 types of CRM

There are three types of CRM software:

  • An analytical CRM: it will analyze customer data 

  • An operational CRM: it automates the sales and marketing processes

  • A collaborative CRM: it allows to share information between teams 

What is the role of CRM?

The objective of CRM is to improve customer relations, to enable better data management within the company and to guide it in its customer journey. For example, thanks to the analysis of information, the company is better able to provide the right product at the right time to the right customer. In terms of prospecting, CRM is very useful, even necessary, especially for the different campaigns concerning the segmentation of prospects or the personalization of campaigns.

The management of information within the sales team and other departments of a company is also greatly facilitated by the CRM. It will allow to keep the history of the conversations to contextualize all the exchanges which took place and to get information in order to better start those which will take place in the future. 

Companies that use a CRM also manage to automate tasks that are considered boring and waste time unnecessarily.