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Dashboard definition

This is an English term meaning simply dashboard. Used in many sectors such as IT or marketing, it refers to a user interface that organizes and presents elements in a readable way.

Origin of the Dashboard

Initially, the dashboard was used to monitor the performance of a company. It helps to visualize data and therefore, allows marketing analysis, to compare performance indicators, they were used to measure the results of a company.

Today, it has evolved into a decision-making tool, because the indications it provides and the information it helps generate influence the marketing and sales decisions of companies.

What is the purpose of a dashboard?

It makes a lot of data visible at a glance and thus facilitates their analysis. It allows:

  • To have an overview

    A Dashboard is often customizable, in fact it allows to highlight the relevant data for the company. It is also useful to capture the meaning of the data and to shape it easily to make it more meaningful.

  • Data formatting

    The dashboard can be formatted so that the data is visually appealing and more easily analyzed through the arrangement of elements, colors, etc.

  • Comparing data

    The dashboard allows you to take data from a set of different indicators or measures and put them on the same document, and therefore, put them in perspective with each other.

  • To see their evolution

    It is a tool for comparing data from various sources certainly but also and above all, a comparison over time so as to see and understand an evolution.
    All this while saving time and allowing easy access to various interlocutors. It is also possible to automate the updating of data in order to follow the evolution of your data in real time. This is particularly the case with software such as Google Analytics or Google Data Studio.