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Digital ecosystem, definition

An ecosystem is a set of living organisms in a given space.

It is a concept that can easily be applied to digital spaces because within a single company or group, many digital contact points coexist, which is why we speak of a digital ecosystem.

The latter is defined as a set of digital contact points of a brand: its websites, its various profiles on social networks, its landing pages… It is an important tool for a digital transformation and an optimal digital strategy.

The ecosystem must allow to link all the interfaces of a brand and make it accessible to all its audiences. Indeed, all the elements composing an ecosystem must be able to communicate with each other, they are part of a whole and must allow a company to occupy the digital spaces and to take advantage of them.

What is the purpose of a digital ecosystem?

An ecosystem must allow a company to have intuitive interfaces, corresponding to its brand image to reach its targets as efficiently as possible. The objective of a digital ecosystem is to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible and to ensure that a company interfaces with all its audiences such as its customers but also its employees or suppliers.

Within the same company or group, several interfaces can be used: several Instagram accounts, LinkedIn, several websites, an extranet, etc.

The ecosystem must allow to coordinate everything and make sure that they are all linked and accessible from all the pages composing the ecosystem.

Also, the digital ecosystem makes it possible to coordinate different applications necessary for the online presence of a company and responds to a defined confidentiality policy.

If we take the example of an e-commerce site, its ecosystem, in addition to its sites and social media, is also composed of an application or a site for payment, content management, or an application to ensure the security of transactions.

All these applications use a partnership logic, meaning that several companies join forces to create complementary networks of products or services to satisfy growing expectations together. Thanks to APIs, they can communicate within the same ecosystem.

What is the interest for a company?

For a company, the interest of having a performing ecosystem is to implement a performing digital strategy allowing it to support its growth plan and to improve the efficiency of its company. It is an important lever to increase its notoriety and improve its digital communication and natural referencing.

Also, there are major opportunities to integrate digital ecosystems such as

  • Creating a unique consumer experience.
  • Creating new revenue acquisition channels.
  • Optimizing costs by integrating platforms and making them easier to manage.
  • Accelerating the adoption of innovative technologies.