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A graphic designer is specialised in graphic arts, in other words, he is the professional who will be in charge of creating visual communication supports. The graphic designer must have a perfect command of typography, image management and page layout.


What is the role of a graphic designer within a company?

The graphic designer comes into play when ideas or texts need to be translated into images in order to have a greater impact on the client. For each concept or idea, he or she must establish a graphic charter, colour, typography, type of paper, etc. They are also responsible for the creation of media, digital or otherwise.

We often speak of a graphic designer rather than a graphic artist because the graphic designer must really design communication media, whether it be a web page or an advertising poster. They may work in an advertising or communications agency, or in the press.

Typography is one of his key areas of intervention: the arrangement of typefaces and their design are essential to optimise a document. The entire layout is based on the management of typography. Syntax and legibility must be perfect.

What are the different communication tools of the graphic designer?

There are different types of communication and therefore different types of media:

  • Institutional communication: in this case, the graphic designer will propose brochures, logos, email templates, graphic charters, etc.
  • Informative communication: the graphic designer will create leaflets, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Advertising communication: this could be posters or billboards, and if it’s e-commerce, in this case the graphic designer’s expertise will focus on the website or advertising banners.

Why is the graphic designer indispensable in communication, marketing and advertising?

The graphic designer is creative, has an artistic sense and excellent communication skills. He is therefore indispensable for the entire customer relations process. He can create your brand image, your visual identity, and he can therefore give your company credibility in the eyes of customers through visual communication. The latter is essential because it is the first thing that customers see. The graphic designer can make sure that you are visible and easily recognisable, which is essential for a brand.

In addition, the graphic designer can help you with the whole social networking part by creating attractive content that will allow better exchanges with your customers.