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Habefast Growth Hacking Glossary

Growth hacking is a marketing technique that aims to put in place all the necessary means to allow a company to grow rapidly and to generate leads.

Growth hacking: definition 

It will allow to optimize all the steps of the conversion tunnel in order to make the company more efficient.

This word appeared in 2010 and was created by Sean Ellis the entrepreneur at the head of growthhackers.com. In French growth hacking means growth hacking.

The conversion tunnel

Growth hacking is used to optimize this AARRR tunnel which is composed of 5 steps:

  1. The acquisition:

    which is used to attract the attention of prospects and generate traffic on its website. In a growth hacking strategy you have to try to find the best acquisition channel and how to make it more efficient. The goal is also to find out how to develop a real value proposition.

  2. Activation:

    this is the moment when the prospect comes to the website and we try to seduce the prospect by leading him to discover different pages and to arouse his curiosity by subscribing to a newsletter for example.

  3. Retention:

    we realized that to be effective, the prospect must be solicited several times and be led to think again about the company and its products.

  4. Revenue:

    this is the stage where the prospect becomes a customer, because he has performed an action that pays the company. At this stage, growth hacking can for example focus on how to maximize this income and how to make sure that they buy on a regular basis.

  5. The recommendation:

    this stage is very important, because it is the moment when the customer will recommend the company, leave a review for example and this is what gives a strong signal on the ability of the company to develop products that satisfy the customer.

An example of successful growth hacking

One of the most famous examples of growth hacking is Hotmail. Hotmail was originally created by two employees who wanted to exchange emails without their boss being able to read them. They wanted to develop their concept commercially but did not have the means to invest in marketing. The idea of one of the founders was to add the mention “PS : I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail” at the end of each e-mail sent. In 6 months Hotmail had more than one million users.

The Apple company was inspired by this technique with the mention “Sent with an iPhone” at the end of each email.