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Icon : definition

An icon, because the debate is not clear-cut, is defined as a symbol used to designate simply what it should represent. Icons are part of our daily life since they can be found all around us, throughout the day. Indeed, mainly on our phones, on mobile applications or on the dashboard of our digital devices, they are also used to indicate places in transportation, on instructions and many other things.

The interest of icons

Icons are used in many fields and the communication field is no exception as they allow to : 

  • Make it easier to understand information

They are omnipresent in our daily life and many are similar so, as soon as we see a certain icon we are able to link it to a particular utility. For example, a nut tells us where the settings are on a device. 

  • Give quick access to information 

Because they are evocative and we are used to seeing them, icons save us time. No matter where the device is, the same icons are used to indicate the same functionalities and in fact, they allow us to access in one click what we are looking for. They allow us to create mental shortcuts, but also on the keyboard. 

  • Breaking the boundaries of language 

Many of them are universal and in fact, these precious images limit the impact of language barriers and speak to everyone in a glance. 

  • Draw attention 

They are also useful to make data more attractive and memorable. By adding icons on an application or on a text, it is possible to make information more interesting. 

How to choose your icons?

First of all, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the form of the icon. There are several types of icons, it is advisable to choose the one which corresponds best to the utility which you need: 

  • Pictograms, these are schematic graphic representations. They are often used to indicate the location of something


  • Ideograms, as their name indicates, are used to represent an idea. For example, a crossed-out circle evokes a ban.

To reinforce their effectiveness, the icons must be easily identifiable. For this it is useful to opt for simple, clear and already seen forms because they will be easily recognizable by your users. Also, think of adapting them to your graphic style to bring coherence and continuity to your creations.