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When third parties use their power of persuasion, their reputation and their circle of contacts to promote products or services, this is called influence marketing, especially on social networks.

Influence marketing: definition

Like opinion leaders, public influencers can influence and guide their communities and consumption patterns for specific products or services. The most common age for influencers is between 19 and 30. The vast majority work on Instagram or blogs, as well as Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. There are some influencers on social networks such as Snapchat and Twitter, but to a lesser extent. 72% of influencers have between 1,000 and 50,000 fans, most of whom are very loyal. 

The biggest celebrities have millions of fans and a huge marketing influence. They are opinion leaders. By showing their lifestyle, they have had a very big impact on social networks. In addition, they can interact with the communities that follow them, which makes them more trustworthy than traditional advertising.

The different types of influencers

There are several profiles of influencers, as each of them has their own identity and community. To work with them, brands pay attention to several elements, including the size of their community. On this principle, there are different types of influencers that have emerged with particular characteristics:

  • Nano influencers 

They have between 500 and 5000 followers. Their particularity is that it is often easier to work with them to set up partnerships and that these are less expensive. The audience of this type of account is often very loyal and the content proposed is rather authentic and therefore promising for a partnership. On the other hand, the number of people reached with this type of influencer is lower.

  • Micro-influencers

They have between 5000 and 30,000 followers. They are highly sought after by brands, as they often offer quality and engaging content and know the workings of social networks. They have a relatively large audience and the cost of a campaign
is not astronomical. To contact them, it can be interesting to use a specialised platform. Our agency’s subsidiary, Influenceurs.ch, offers you influencers in French-speaking Switzerland to promote your products or services according to your needs.

  • Macro-influencers

They have between 30,000 and 700,000 followers. They allow companies to have a much higher visibility for their campaigns. The budgets to be planned are much larger. These influencers are also much more solicited, so you will have a better chance of reaching them if their editorial line is really in line with your company.

  • Celebrities

They have over 700,000 subscribers. The cost of a campaign with these influencers is very high and it is generally the brands that are already well established that can set up this type of partnership.