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Marketing automation, a strategy with benefits that should not be neglected

Marketing automation is a revolution for companies looking to maximise their marketing effectiveness. Using advanced technologies, it automates repetitive tasks while providing a personalised experience for customers. If you’re looking to optimise your marketing strategy, marketing automation is the key to achieving your goals and boosting your growth.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the practice of automating certain marketing tasks with the help of digital technologies and software. With this method, you optimise marketing processes to save time and improve the relevance and effectiveness of multiple marketing actions.

This type of marketing allows companies to better target their audience and thus optimise their return on investment by reducing marketing costs and increasing the conversion of leads into customers.

To achieve this, several types of automated actions can be included in marketing automation, such as

  • Sending personalized emails
  • Managing online advertising campaigns
  • Creating personalized landing pages for visitors
  • Analyzing the behavior of visitors to a site

The benefits of marketing automation

Using marketing automation can have multiple visible benefits for your business!

Thanks to this marketing technique, you will automate all repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks (sending emails, qualifying leads, etc.). You will save a lot of time for your marketing teams, who will be able to concentrate on more creative and strategic subjects.

Moreover, marketing automation allows you to personalize your messages according to your target audience. You can also qualify your leads according to their online behavior. This way, you can offer more relevant and personalized content to your customer or prospect and increase your chances of conversion.

From an internal point of view, your teams will have the opportunity to collaborate by using marketing automation. By centralizing your company data and processes, you can for example promote communication between different departments such as marketing, sales and customer service.

Useful tools for this sort of marketing

To make it easier for you to manage these tasks, there are many tools that make it much easier for you. You just have to choose the tool that fits your specific needs!

For sending emails, segmenting contacts or creating marketing campaigns, there are marketing automation platforms. Among the most famous are HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and Act-One.

In order to collect and store data on prospects and customers, follow their purchase history or their online behavior, choose customer relationship management (CRM) tools. You can use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or Pipedrive.

To analyse and track the behavior of visitors to your website or social networks, use suitable tools such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or Mixpanel.

Finally, when it comes to lead scoring tools that allow you to qualify and classify leads according to their level of interest and online behaviour, opt for the most effective tools such as LeadSquared or Leadformly.