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An expert opinion is an estimate or opinion given by an expert.

Marketing expertise: definition

His specialization in a particular field enables him to give a reliable analysis requested by various actors outside his field of expertise or less well field of expertise or less well informed.

In marketing, expertise is understood in the broad sense. It is then referred to as marketing competence. It allows you to maximize your chances of being visible and reaching the defined target audience. Marketing expertise covers all the techniques that enable you to analyze consumer behavior and thus maximize your chances of meeting their expectations in the most relevant way possible.

The expert is therefore also the consumer. He or she is the one who has the information needed to make an activity, a service or a product effective. Marketing expertise must make it possible to identify and understand consumer behavior in order to determine a marketing strategy.

Marketing expertise at the service of a marketing strategy

In order to maximise your visibility to your prospects, marketing expertise is essential.
Thanks to a large number of marketing techniques (digital marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, etc.), and data analysis (big data, internal data, understanding of search engines, etc.), expertise should enable you to put in place an effective and relevant marketing and communication plan.

By learning more about your targets and market trends, it is possible to determine relevant marketing locations, or the sales conditions most likely to encourage your customers to consume your products. It allows you to put in place an effective strategy to retain your customers or attract new ones.

Experts in the service of expertise

  • Consumers

    Through their behaviour and feedback, consumers are a very important source of information for understanding their expectations.

  • Managers who are experts in a product

    Their specialist knowledge in a field and product enables them to advise and understand a market.

  • Managers who are experts in a marketing field

    After study and experience in the marketing field, these experts shape and use consumer information to promote a product or service.