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Media, definition

The media is defined as a technical means and a support which allows a massive diffusion of information. In marketing, the media essentially designates the support that allows the transmission of an advertising message. Today, there are six major media, also called mass media:

  • the television,
  • the press,
  • the poster,
  • Internet,
  • the radio,
  • cinema.

The evolution of the media

Until the advent of the internet in the 2000s, media communication was considered as non-personalized. However, the arrival of the Internet and the use of data has changed the situation: it has become a key medium and a privileged communication support.

With the arrival of high speed internet and the democratization of technological tools, the fields of marketing and communication have seen new opportunities appear. New terms such as inbound marketing, content marketing and influencer communication have appeared and reflect an evolution and adaptation of media strategies, which are now much more personalized and segmented.

We also talk about media 2.0. The latter refers to the new means that have appeared with recent technological developments: blogs, podcasts, webinar, social networks.

What is the role of the media?

These different tools are used to convey messages and are also used to support advertising messages. Their use is part of an established communication strategy. When communication actions are carried out on these media, we speak of an advertising campaign.

Marketing strategy and media 2.0: the communication plan

The media represent a real opportunity for brands and companies, especially with the recent developments they have experienced since they allow them to transmit targeted messages. In order for their communication campaign to be effective, it is necessary to set up a relevant strategy so that each social media is used wisely and is relevant for the set objective. Media campaigns are used to build loyalty, to acquire notoriety or to convert a target audience to their philosophy or to the products and services they sell.

This strategy, also called communication plan, is implemented by the company’s communication department, often in partnership with a communication agency like ours. It is summarized in a media plan that includes the choice of media, the budget allocation and the reflection on the content of the campaign.