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Prospection definition :

Prospecting is the act of seeking out new customers, called prospects. They become customers once their first purchase is made.customers once their first purchase is made.

It is a necessary step for companies seeking to develop and increase their market share or to position themselves in new markets, and increasingly, for all companies having difficulty in retaining their customers.

There are two main types of commercial prospecting…

  • BtoB prospecting, carried out between companies, which is then carried out by
    sales representatives.
  • BtoC prospecting, which corresponds to the prospecting of companies towards the general public and which is then done by the use of advertisements.

… And several methods of prospecting :

  • direct mail which refers to emailing campaigns or mailings,
  • teleprospecting, which is telephone prospecting posters,
  • billboards, but also advertising campaigns on social networks
  • direct prospecting, formerly door-to-door, nowadays it is done more through professional social networks such as LinkedIn
  • trade shows
  • digital prospecting and growth hacking

The stages of prospecting

  1. Define a target

    When you want to launch a prospecting campaign, you need to define a target audience whether it is first a market or the market players.

  2. Segmentation

    Once the targets have been defined, they must be segmented. This means specifying your target, dividing it into into various actors and understand how they can be found.

  3. Creation of a database

    After having thought about the segmentation of your targets, it is necessary to establish a database in order to in order to recover the means of contact and to follow more easily the evolution of the progress of the prospecting.

  4. Implementation of the prospecting plan

    Then, with the help of the recovered data, it is enough to set up a strategy of strategy. This is the time to think about the most relevant means to generate leads, successful contacts, the frequency of follow-ups or even the writing of the leads, successful contacts, the frequency of follow-ups and the writing of prospecting messages.

Example of prospecting

Let’s imagine that you are a company specialized in the sale of electronic equipment.

You want to approach company managers to sell them a new product. This is a very broad category, so in order for you to make effective contact, you will need to refine your segmentation: which business sectors? From which company size? From which region? etc…

Then, you will have to look for the contacts of these people, on regional directories or on Linkedin for example.

After that, you will have to set up a contact strategy with personalized messages and on the medium that speaks to this target. Here, a prospecting on LinkedIn or by email can be an interesting option.