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Slogan : definition

In the field of communication, a slogan is a powerful phrase used to promote a product or service. It is used in the field of advertising but is also used in various fields such as politics. It must be short and aims to strike the minds. 

It is a commercial tool, it aims at promoting a company, a product or a party by making it striking and often heady. Indeed, the slogan punctuates print or video advertising campaigns and therefore, everything is done so that the slogan remains in the head of the target audience by accompanying it with a jingle.

There are two types of advertising slogans:

  • The catchphrase

    It is used to promote a particular product or a specific campaign. For example, we can cite the example of the product mars accompanied by the slogan “one mars and it starts again”, or the slogan of the campaign of SwissTourism: “I need vacations. I need Switzerland”.

  • The signature

    The slogan can be permanently attached to a brand. For example, the Nike slogan “just do it” often appears alongside the logo. It then becomes a part of its identity.

Building a slogan:

A slogan must strike a chord in the mind. Therefore, communication teams think about three elements above all:

  1. Storytelling

    The message used must be meaningful and must tell a story, convey an image. 

  2. Credibility

    The slogan must be striking but it must be in accordance with the product or the brand it promotes, it cannot lie or make an unattainable promise because it would lose its relevance and thus its effectiveness.

  3. The sound

    The slogans must be short and often play on sounds like the famous slogan of the brand Sosh: “who wants to go to Soch” which uses a tongue twister to mark and entertain the viewers of the commercials.

Also, it is designed to appeal more to the affect and mental framing than to the intellect, hence the search for particular sounds and poetry or humor. Slogan designers also think about its graphic form so that it is aesthetically pleasing and in line with the image of the product or brand.