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Habefast Storytelling Glossary

Storytelling is a marketing practice that is on the rise and can be very effective if done right. Let’s discover together what it is.

Storytelling: definition

Storytelling is a term that appeared in the 90s in the United States and was quickly used in marketing, but also in the political world. In French it could be translated as narrative communication. It can be used by companies, but also associations and other organizations.

It consists in communicating by telling a story to involve its audience, to make it adhere to the brand and to incite it to consume. Often these stories are accompanied by photos, images or they are transcribed into films. Stories have always been a way to communicate
stories have always been a way of communicating and encourage the adhesion of the audience who can better project themselves through a narrative that captures the attention and is more emotional than a traditional text.

Storytelling can take many forms such as a narrative or an anecdote. It can also be fictional or real stories.

The stages of storytelling

To achieve a good storytelling there is a methodology to follow:

  1. Define a target audience

    You need to know who you want to convey the storytelling message to in order to be sure to use the right emotions and know how to address your target.

  2. Determine the message to be conveyed

    It will depend on the target audience and your final objective. The message can be of different natures such as awareness or the promotion of a new product.

  3. Select a storytelling mode

    Then you need to know how you want to tell your story and what form it will take: audio, written…

  4. Write and distribute the story

    Generally the writing is done in groups, because it is the part that requires the most thinking. Then it is necessary to choose the most appropriate distribution channel(s). 

Example of storytelling

One of the most significant examples of storytelling is the Nike brand and its Just Do It campaign, which has been around for a long time and which aims to push people to surpass themselves. They realize short films in which they denounce certain inequalities and highlight the journey of very famous athletes who had to face certain difficulties.

The storytelling of the videos is inspiring, motivating and emotional thanks to intense music, a suspenseful narrative and high quality visuals.