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Audience definition

An audience is a group of people who use, watch or consult a media or a communication support. It can be viewers, listeners or visitors of a website.

The different types of audiences

There are different types of audiences in web marketing:

  • The useful audience: this is the targeted audience.
  • Cumulative audience: this is the total audience over a given period of time, for example, the number of visits to a site over the year.
  • The deduplicated audience or audience share: this is the share of an audience according to different media. If a content is duplicated on several media, the audience share will correspond to the percentage of people watching on a medium.

The interest of the audience

This is a notion that is of growing interest because quantifying it allows us to collect, analyze and present the data necessary to develop a viable and relevant marketing strategy.
Thanks to the collection of information on the people consuming a service, it is possible to understand the times when they are most active, what subjects interest them most…
In short, it allows to better target and understand users’ habits. Its study allows you to improve your service: improve the hours of posts, the content, the tone used to address your audience, etc.

How to calculate your audience?

For a website, it can be interesting to look at the behavior of users on the site, among others through Google Analytics. A study of the time spent on the pages, the click rates or the bounce rates can be useful.