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Symbol: definition

A symbol can be defined as a concrete representation of an abstract reality, by an object, a living being or a figure, a formula or an image. It allows us to understand quickly, at a glance, an idea or a concept. 

Symbols are very useful in the field of communication, they carry meaning and can arouse emotions or convey powerful messages at a glance. For example, the dove represents the symbol of peace, the scales have been chosen as a symbol of justice, or when we see a red flag and a white cross, we think of Switzerland.

Symbol and visual communication:

Because symbols appeal to the collective unconscious, graphic designers can use them to convey a subliminal message to clients. They are used for visual communication and are particularly useful for establishing a brand identity, because when used appropriately, they can highlight the personality of a company or an association.

Symbol and logo

Symbols are the source of logos. The logo must speak, transmit the value of its structure and for that, the reflection leans on the symbols of the colors, the forms, from it results a graphic charter with a certain choice of typographies, fonts of colors. It is an important choice since it defines a visual identity which is then found on all the communication supports of a company: business cards, email signature, internal documents, etc.

Let’s take the example of the amazon logo

  • Orange refers to intuition, boldness 

  • Black refers to elegance 

  • The arrow, symbol of dynamism, goes from the A to the Z, indicating that the site has everything it takes for users. Moreover, this arrow also evokes a smile.

We can see here that the symbols used have allowed to realize a logo in agreement with the values of the company.