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The visual identity of a company is the set of visual data that allows a third party to recognise the company. This can be done through a logo, the design, a particular typography, a standard layout or other. All these elements are listed in the graphic charter, which is a basic tool for the visual identity of a company because it allows the visual identity of a company to be used on several media.

The graphic charter is like a rule to be followed each time a visual is created for the company; precise colours, precise fonts, precise designs must be used…

Why is the visual identity of a company essential?

  • To be recognisable: A visual identity is successful when people know it is you just by seeing your logo or one of your documents.
  • To differentiate yourself: Distinguishing yourself from your competitors is not a simple matter, a visual identity is designed to personalise your brand.
  • To appeal to the target audience: You can meet their expectations through your visual identity by conveying a message of confidence or dynamism!

The visual identity of a company is like a shop window, a personality. It will be visible on all types of media, your website, your newsletters or e-mailing campaigns, your paper documents, your official documents, your visuals (mugs, water bottles, etc.), and your products.

The more innovative it is, the more it makes an impression. The visual identity, while remaining clear, can stand out from the ordinary to be recognisable by its target audience.

How to create a visual identity?

The first step is the graphic charter. It must be created from scratch to stand out. You can include the logo, the typography and the colours. Later on, you will include details such as formats for powerpoints or other.

It is important to consider who you want to please and who you want to address when you create the graphic charter. Indeed, when people see your visual identity, it is important that they immediately understand what you do.

Your visual identity is therefore crucial because it determines your image in the long term!