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What is web traffic? Definition

Web traffic is the number of visits or visitors to a website over a defined period.

Why is this important for a site?

For a company, or a brand, it is important to have a high volume of traffic but also quality because visits to a website can generate conversions: 

  • orders for e-commerce sites, 
  • leads thanks to the discovery of a company and its services in the BtoB world, 

But also, this traffic rate constitutes a relay for its brand image thanks to the showcase that the site represents. That’s why many sites run web traffic acquisition campaigns aiming to generate an increase in visits.

How to generate web traffic on your site?

To increase the traffic of a site, there are different marketing levers: 

  • An effective natural referencing, 
  • The purchase of web traffic with good advertising channels, 
  • The implementation of sponsored ads on social networks, 
  • The implementation of paid referencing with the various channels of the Google Ads network, including Adwords
  • Display ads allowing remarketing…

The different types of traffic :

Acquiring traffic is good, but having qualified traffic is better. Qualified traffic represents for a company the most adapted traffic to its services. It is therefore the one that is sought by companies, because it is the most relevant and therefore likely to increase the conversion rate of a company. 

Also, there are various types of traffic depending on the origin of the clicks or accesses on the site:

  1. Direct traffic

    It corresponds to the traffic generated by visitors who type URL in search bar or who have bookmarked the site

  2. Organic traffic

    It corresponds to the number of visits from a search engine 

  3. The reference traffic

    The referral traffic includes all visitors arriving on a website from a link appearing on a different site … This is called backlink 

  4. Social traffic

    Social traffic refers to traffic from social networks and media…