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25 February 2021 - Reading time: 8 minutes

Buying web traffic, how to get people to come to your website?

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We are witnessing an exponential growth of exchanges on the internet of an exponential growth of exchanges on the internet, being visible and making one’s place on the web is becoming more and more technical. Overall, the traffic of a website refers to the number of visits or visitors over a given period of time. To acquire web traffic, there are different known strategic levers. These do not report the same quality of traffic. The more quality traffic you get, the more opportunities for growth.

What is the usefulness of taking steps to purchase web traffic?

A website is an ideal place to acquire new customers, but only if you have quality traffic. It is necessary to know beforehand precisely its web objectives. Wanting to generate traffic on your website is one thing, but you need to know why. Here are different reasons why it is imperative to develop this traffic.

Learn about your market and your customers.

Traffic analysis tools on your site (mainly Google Analytics) provide easy access to the study of key information that will allow you to learn more about your market and your customers. You have the possibility to analyze the behavior of visitors on the pages of your website. You know which pages they visit, the ones they like and the ones that make them leave the site. You also know how your visitors access your website, whether they come from Google, social networks, one of your e-mailing campaigns or via a redirection from another interested website. Finally, you know exactly what conversions of visitors into customers or people interested in your services you have obtained.

With this data, we can see that the more relevant and powerful your traffic is, the more effective weapon you have to improve your website and bring a value proposition to your customers.

Web traffic increases your growth potential.

By proposing content adapted to your audience, you know how to satisfy it so that Internet users become prospects and prospects evolve into customers. So you have a website that meets the demand of your market and that increases the conversion rate, therefore your growth potential.

When you can target the right audience, it is important to be able to reach people on different communication channels and thus keep optimal traffic on your site. Google’s algorithms change regularly, so don’t rely on its acquired traffic. The implementation of a good strategy is therefore important in order to establish a good targeting of your audiences over time. Without accurate targeting, the web traffic generated will not necessarily benefit your business. So don’t invest your budget in a single channel, but think about the best ways to acquire traffic and customers by setting up performance indicators that will allow you to measure your return on investment per channel.

Build a solid strategy for buying web traffic with the right advertising channels.

Online advertising can offer significant results and should not be excluded from the marketing budget. Focusing its efforts on free traffic acquisition means limiting its potential traffic volume, thus foregoing major customer acquisition opportunities. Taking the risk of investing in online advertising can provide you with results that are worthy of your approach.

SEA and investment on keywords.

SEA or Search Engine Advertising focuses most broadly on Google Ads and more modestly on advertising formats on other search engines such as Bing. These are the highlighted links that can be found on search engines at the beginning and end of the page. The SEA operates on a permanent auction system. You must first put yourself in the position of the prospect who is looking for the product or service you are selling, knowing the exact terms he will use on Google. You will therefore make him your offer at the right time, i.e. when he will search for this product or service on Google.

What are the exact keywords and phrases he will search for? The answer to this question is the key to the success of your strategy. When you know what the Internet user is going to write in Google’s search bar, then you have to put the price on the most relevant keywords and expressions according to the associated search volume and its competition, in order to be the most visible on the selected keyword.

This communication channel can offer a return on investment that can be measured quickly and easily, allowing campaigns to be adjusted in real time to correct shooting errors and optimize the campaign’s potential.

Advertising banners available on Google Display or via programmatic platforms.

Even if the banners have weight and size constraints, these advertising formats drain traffic on the website. They offer value provided the targeting is successful. The clickability of the banner allows the Internet user to be returned to the desired page, if he is interested in your proposal.

If you want to create a high-performance banner, there are two solutions: use a web designer, or use a banner editor like the one from Bannersnack. This allows you to quickly create adequate banner sets that respect the constraints of the web.

Once your banner is ready, the targeting work will allow you to select locations, themes, interests and remarketing lists. This targeting must be careful and thoughtful to be effective. It will determine which websites will host your banner ads, and for which Internet users the ad will be broadcast. Some sites have their own advertising department which is not managed by Google Ads. The targeting criteria are numerous and deserve advanced marketing thinking.

Sponsored publications on social networks.

The daily use of social networks forces you to promote your products or services on these different platforms. Above all, these campaigns offer visibility and notoriety. They generate traffic on the website and can participate in increasing the conversion rate. The different social media have a huge database that allows for ultra precise targeting. Each network has its own codes and here again, it’s all a question of strategy.

  • The giant Facebook offers different types of advertising formats with multiple objectives that help targeting. The creation of advertising is therefore modeled according to the advertising messages.
  • The purchase of web traffic on Instagram is also very judicious in order to develop your company’s popularity towards its community. With sponsored publications on the News Feed or Stories, targeting options are similar to those on Facebook.
  • On LinkedIn, the advertising options are numerous. News feeds, InMail, text ads and dynamic ads, the strategic choice of advertising on the professional network is interesting for B2B and B2C targeting.
  • Advertising on Twitter also offers precise targeting advantages that target users’ interests. The micro-blogging platform is an attractive channel that offers campaigns similar to those of other social networks.
  • Youtube is the channel for broadcasting video commercials, provided that you produce content that will succeed in capturing your audience before they choose to ignore the ad. To define the targeting, the service is redirected to Google Ads since Youtube belongs to Google.
  • The recent growth of TikTok forces marketing to take into account this very popular platform among 18-24 year olds in order to reach this target. The platform offers 3 campaign objectives: traffic, conversions, or mobile application installation.
  • The Snapchat network offers, among others, original advertising formats that are still effective to reach its community (sponsored filters and geo-filters, Discover Channels…).
  • Finally, the Pinterest community is interesting in the world of photography and image. Brands with impactful visual content can consider launching a campaign on this network, particularly in the field of decoration, tourism, fashion or food.

The study of these different social networks therefore offers a range of advertising options. Each market is different, so it is interesting to build the best strategy in a progressive way, and to refer to the KPIs to measure its relevance. 

The remarketing technique explained.

The remarketing strategy makes it possible to specifically re-target Internet users who have already visited your website and shown interest in your product or service. You have probably already experienced it when you consult a product on an e-commerce store, it will then be proposed to you as an advertisement. It is therefore possible to use remarketing with most of the communication channels previously explained.

This technique is particularly effective since it allows you to stay in contact with your prospect by offering him/her the product consulted at the best time. This is your second chance to convince your client. Remarketing can therefore have a direct impact on your conversion rate since it directly affects the interested public.

The remarketing operation is somewhat different on each of the digital channels. First of all, you need to install the different remarketing tags in the code of the pages of your website. This will allow the creation of a list of Internet users who have aroused interest in your product or service. Finally, this database will be useful when creating your ads. For ASP, display and Youtube, this is the Google Ads tag.

  • For Facebook and Instagram, it’s the Facebook pixel
  • For LinkedIn, this is the Insight tag
  • TikTok, the TikTok pixel
  • Snapchat, the Snap pixel
  • Twitter and Pinterest also have their own remarketing tags
  • It is also possible to insert a code tag for emailing remarketing.

From a practical point of view, the difference in compatibility of your campaigns on each of the channels can lead to technical problems. You should also consider enabling remarketing features in the advertising options. Select your registered audience and you will be able to count your retargeting campaigns into your web traffic buying strategies.

The purchase of web traffic must be supported by quality SEO content.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a complementary approach to your web traffic buying strategy. SEO is essential since it allows you to be naturally referenced on Google in search results. The first links are statistically the most visited (33% of clicks concern the first unsponsored result of a search), it is a powerful lever for acquiring web traffic.

Finally, quality SEO means that your web content is in line with what your audience is looking for. An optimized SEO can also allow you to reduce your expenses related to the purchase of web traffic or to better optimize them to focus the budget on keywords that are very competitive in SEO.

Why use our digital marketing agency for your web traffic?

We would be happy to help you develop your digital marketing. Our team of experts accompanies you to develop the natural referencing of your site, elaborates your acquisition campaigns by following the acquisition of your web traffic. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about buying web traffic.

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