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Definition of Widget

The word widget is a contraction of “window” and “gadget”. Therefore, it can be defined as a program or a downloadable application that should allow to display information on a graphical interface.

Widgets can be implemented on a website, on a web page, or on a cell phone to display information and give access to it. Indeed, they are interactive and offer information or entertainment, they can for example display stock market prices or weather information or a calendar.

A widget is easily installed on the desktop of a PC, on a Mac or on the homepage of a site or on the screen of mobiles. In addition to displaying information on different themes, it allows you to create a shortcut to access pages or applications or to perform small operations directly.

In short, it is a software with few functionalities that can be installed and executed by a user. It has an auxiliary role because it acts as an intermediary between the page it occupies and the function it indicates.

What is the interest of the widget?

It allows an easier and faster navigation and a more pleasant layout.

For a professional, it allows you to create traffic and loyalty among the users of your website. It can also provide an advertising presence on many other sites.

In general, it allows to improve the user experience and to dynamize a text or a web page and to personalize the interface used, because they are very often customizable.

Its ease of use is also very practical: it can be downloaded or imported from a web page by simply copying and pasting.