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1 June 2016 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Marketing outsourcing: for whom?

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Marketing outsourcing: what is it?

The advantage of marketing outsourcing is that you can rely on qualified people, a team of experts who will be able to take a step back and analyze the entire internal and external environment of your company.

4 reasons to choose marketing outsourcing

1) Savings and time saving

Studying your company’s environment can take time and even resources. Indeed, it is more complicated to take a step back to analyze the strengths and weaknesses but also to discern the opportunities and threats in your market sector. 

2) Decide on your marketing actions!

By outsourcing their marketing department, companies can refocus on their core business and benefit from the multi-sector experience of their partner. However, outsourcing your marketing activity does not mean giving up taking all the decisions. Marketing experts are there to advise and implement the tactical aspects, but the final decisions are left to the companies. For a marketing strategy to be successful, it must be sustainable.

3) Quality above all!

Marketing experts have the particularity of being able to analyze the market since they are always on the lookout for new trends in all sectors. In addition, they have effective tools that allow them to quickly analyze data and identify your needs very quickly. They are often surrounded by a network of professionals that allows them to have reliable data and save time.

4) Be at the heart of innovation

Implementing new marketing strategies is synonymous with innovation. Companies often seek to think outside the box in order to mark and conquer their core target. This is why the experts are there to help you get to know the latest news but also to offer you solutions that have not yet been implemented in your sector of activity.

They can propose new lines of communication, new avenues of prospecting while respecting the company’s sector of activity. They allow to give more dynamism to companies by setting up new actions: website, e-mailing, social media, advertising at the point of sale… The goal is to develop communication and increase visibility among consumers.

Habefast is a communication agency specialized in 360 marketing consulting and can help you to reach your objectives by bringing you quality answers. According to your needs in marketing and we will try to bring answers in conformity with your expectations by carrying out your marketing outsourcing.

Nowadays, many companies (SMEs or multinationals) use the outsourcing of activities including marketing. This practice consists of assigning part or all of the marketing activity to agencies specialized in marketing strategy.

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