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Natural referencing
28 September 2021 - 6min

Natural referencing, how to get a good positioning ?


You would like to have more visits on your website? For this it is important to appear on the first page of search results. The latter records more than 90% of clicks from Internet users on search engines. The natural referencing or SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the keys. We will explain everything you need to know to appear in the first place of Google!

What is natural referencing?

With thousands of searches every second, search engines represent a huge opportunity to give visibility to your company’s website. The natural referencing when it is optimized, allows you to obtain a good positioning on the pages of search results for free. A good positioning corresponds to one of the first 10 answers. Indeed, today, nearly 90% of website visits are made from the first page of search results. It is therefore essential for your site to appear in the first results.

In order for your site to generate traffic, it must be highlighted by the search engine algorithms. The latter provide their users with answers to their questions based on the relevance of the content of the websites they analyze. In fact, in order for your site to gain places on the search results pages, it must put forward content considered relevant by the search engines.

Google’s algorithms explore a multitude of web pages and highlight those that best respond to the user’s query. To do this, search engines use criteria that your site must meet for better visibility. The natural referencing allows your site to be optimized, that is to say to answer the criteria of the algorithms of the search engines to gain in visibility.

Why is the natural referencing of a site important?

Good SEO allows you to generate more traffic to your site. The most visited results are on the first page of the search results and on the first 10 results shown. 60% of google users click on the first 3 results displayed by the search engine and 36% on the first. It is therefore essential for your site to appear in the first results, it increases your chances of visits and therefore those of obtaining new customers.

Without a natural referencing strategy, your site will not be highlighted sufficiently. It is therefore essential to keep up to date with the referencing policies of the various search engines, especially Google, which accounts for more than 90% of searches in Switzerland. This will allow your site to be as optimized as possible and to have more visibility for sure when Internet users will make a search related to the content of your web pages.

The more relevant and quality your SEO is, the more you increase your chances to be visible on Google and to have more visits on your site from an audience that matches you. Having an SEO strategy should allow you to position your site in the first results in order to be seen and visited by an audience sensitive to your messages, services and products. Generating qualified traffic allows for a better conversion rate than traffic that is less relevant to your business.


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How to optimize your website with SEO and get a good ranking

There are several possibilities to make your site appear on the first lines of results and they must be conducted together for an optimal result.  Indeed, to be well referenced, you must pay attention to what happens on and off your site.

  • On-page natural referencing

The search engine algorithms pay attention to what happens on your site, this is called on-page SEO. Here, it is a question of optimizing the content of the pages, their structuring, the internal linkage of the site and the navigation. For a better user experience and optimal competitiveness, you need to appear in the first search results in order to bring users to your site. Here are a few elements you should pay attention to:

    • Clear and visible titles
    • Explicit and relevant tags and snippets
    • Keywords placed in the meta descriptions and in the textual content of your pages.

Their relevance and density play an important role in improving the SEO of your site and pages.   

    • The pages of your site must contain quality texts, and relevant. Take care of the content writing for your site. Make sure it is unique and relevant.
    • A responsive site is also an essential element. Is your site mobile friendly? Is it visually pleasing and does it promote the user experience for its mobile visitors?
    • To improve your ranking on serp (Search Engine Result Machine), you need to keep users on your site. To do this, make sure your site is easy to navigate, has a fast loading time and that the pages are well linked together.


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  • Off-page natural referencing

Search engines also pay attention to what happens outside your site to assess its relevance. This is called off-page SEO. We will therefore focus on the quality of your site and its popularity, measured by the quantity of links pointing to your site. Backlinks can be very useful to improve your SEO. Be careful, however, that the links are of good quality. They will help you to ensure a notoriety within your field of activity and will help you to improve your SEO. The more external links come from various sites and referral sites, the more useful they will be for your SEO.

Why use a search engine optimization agency?

Because search engine optimization is a long-term process, working with an SEO agency will allow you to be accompanied by experts who are aware of the latest updates of Google’s algorithms. This technique is necessary and very useful but requires continuous attention. It is a long term work to obtain results. Elaborating a digital strategy with our teams ensures you a place in the top 10 sites present on the first page of results.  SEO agencies like ours also have proven and effective tools and work methodologies

Also, an attention to detail is necessary for it to be effective. SEO techniques evolve quickly and require continuous attention, delegating this activity can save you time to focus on your core business.

Search engine optimization requires technical skills and marketing knowledge that a search engine optimization agency puts at your disposal. No need to train you, our teams simplify your life.

At Habefast, we put at your disposal our expertise in natural referencing, to give your business the visibility it deserves. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.