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18 August 2023

Photoshop Beta, the latest features to enhance your creative potential

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Photoshop Beta, the new version has been released

Visual creativity is constantly evolving, and one of the main references in the field of image editing and retouching is Adobe Photoshop.

Users of the software will be delighted to learn that a brand new version has been developed and has been available since May 2023: Photoshop Beta.

This version offers users a preview of upcoming features and enhancements, providing an improved and even more powerful experience.

In this article, Habefast explores what’s new in Photoshop Beta and how it can improve your creative workflow.

New features in Photoshop Beta

Photoshop Beta introduces a range of advanced features that allow users to explore new creative possibilities and improve their image retouching and editing process.

Here is an overview of the main improvements offered by this beta version:

  • Improved user interface

    Photoshop Beta features a redesigned user interface, offering a smoother, more intuitive experience. Menus have been reorganised for greater accessibility, and new keyboard shortcuts have been added to make navigation and the use of tools easier.

  • Improved retouching and editing tools

    This beta version introduces new, more powerful retouching and editing tools. Advanced colour correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, blemish removal and removal of unwanted objects have been added, giving users more precise control over their images.

  • Integration of new technologies

    Photoshop Beta incorporates the latest technological advances to deliver innovative functionality. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables features such as automatic subject detection, improved masking and automatic generation of editing suggestions, speeding up the retouching and editing process.

  • Optimising performance and speed

    Particular attention has been paid to optimising performance and speed in this beta version. Image processing operations are now faster, enabling users to work more fluidly and efficiently, even on large files.

  • New collaboration and sharing tools

    Photoshop Beta facilitates collaboration between users by introducing new sharing and teamwork tools. Users can share their projects online, collaborate with others in real time and access their files from different platforms, promoting a collaborative and efficient working process.

The benefits of Photoshop Beta for users

Photoshop Beta offers a host of benefits to users, enabling them to improve their creative workflow and enjoy an even more rewarding experience.

  1. Improved creative workflow

    Thanks to the new features and enhancements in Photoshop Beta, users can optimise their creative workflow. Enhanced retouching and editing tools allow for greater precision in adjustments, while a redesigned user interface and keyboard shortcuts make it easier to navigate and use features.

  2. A more intuitive, user-friendly experience

    The new Photoshop Beta user interface offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Users can quickly access tools and options thanks to an improved organisation of menus and panels. This makes the software run more smoothly, reducing learning times and boosting productivity.

  3. Early access to new features

    By opting for Photoshop Beta, users have the chance to preview the new features and enhancements to come. They can experiment with the latest technologies and tools before they are officially launched, giving them a creative edge and putting them at the forefront of innovation in image editing.

  4. Opportunities to explore new techniques and styles

    Photoshop Beta’s advanced features give users the opportunity to explore new techniques and develop their creative style. Enhanced retouching tools and new adjustment options offer greater freedom of artistic expression, allowing users to experiment and push back the boundaries of their creativity.

How do I access Photoshop Beta?

To take advantage of the features in Photoshop Beta, follow these steps:

  • Adobe beta version programme

    Adobe is offering a beta programme to give users access to Photoshop Beta. Go to the official Adobe website and look for the section dedicated to product beta versions. Register for the programme by providing the necessary information.

  • Register and download Photoshop Beta

    Once you have registered for the Beta programme, you will receive instructions on how to download the latest version of Photoshop Beta. Be sure to check the system requirements and make sure your computer meets them.

  • Installation and configuration

    Follow the installation instructions to install Photoshop Beta on your computer. Make sure you follow the steps correctly and configure the settings according to your preferences. If you encounter any difficulties, consult the documentation provided or search for online tutorials to help you.

It is important to note that Photoshop Beta is a test version and may contain bugs or stability problems. We recommend that you save your work regularly and provide feedback to Adobe to help them improve the final version of the software.

Precautions to take when using Photoshop Beta

When using Photoshop Beta, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure an optimal experience.

  1. Save your work regularly

    As Photoshop Beta is a test version, there may be bugs or crashes. It is therefore essential to back up your work regularly to avoid any loss of data. Use automatic or manual backup functions to make sure your files are safe.

  2. Providing feedback

    As a Photoshop Beta user, you have the opportunity to help improve the software. If you encounter problems, bugs or have suggestions for improvement, it is recommended that you provide feedback to Adobe. They value feedback from users in order to resolve problems and optimise features before the official launch.

  3. Do not use Photoshop Beta for critical projects

    As Photoshop Beta is a development version, it should not be used for critical or professional projects requiring absolute stability. We recommend reserving this version for experimental projects, learning new features or creative exploration.

  4. Follow Adobe updates and announcements

    Adobe regularly updates Photoshop Beta to resolve problems, add new features and improve stability. It’s important to stay up to date by installing available updates and following Adobe’s announcements about the software. This will ensure that you benefit from the latest improvements and fixes.


Photoshop Beta offers an exciting experience for users, allowing them to explore new features and enhance their creative workflow. With its advanced features, intuitive user interface and unique benefits, this beta opens up new possibilities for professional image editors and creative enthusiasts.

By accessing Photoshop Beta, users have the opportunity to preview the latest technologies and features, while contributing to the improvement process by providing feedback. However, it is important to take precautions when using it, such as regularly backing up work and reserving use for non-critical projects.

Don’t forget to check out Adobe’s beta programme for more information on accessing Photoshop Beta and to keep up to date with official updates and announcements.

In conclusion, Photoshop Beta represents an exciting opportunity for users to discover new features and enhance their creative skills. Explore, experiment and take advantage of this beta version to push back the boundaries of your creativity and create remarkable visual works.

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