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4 April 2023 - 5min

Real estate communication agency, develop your real estate business with Inbound Marketing

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How can you effectively develop your real estate business? The answer lies in real estate inbound marketing, a strategy that consists of reaching your targets (buyers and sellers) through marketing actions and adapted and localized content.

Real estate communication agency, the real estate inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is a cost-effective and efficient solution for real estate professionals to promote their products and services. This digital marketing strategy is more subtle than traditional marketing practices; it consists of attracting qualified prospects, retaining them and improving your conversion rate by facilitating lead generation without using aggressive marketing techniques.

Whether your prospects are local residents, tenants, sellers ready to sell in 6 months or future sellers, you can attract them all to your agency with a range of features. A successful inbound marketing strategy, then, will require your real estate agency to become a media in its own right by creating compelling, visible, multi-channel content to attract qualified prospects to your web pages and social networks. Then, to convert these leads into customers, you will need to implement acquisition strategies on your website, on search engines and on various social media.

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Real estate communication agency, the secrets of a good editorial strategy

  • Creating attractive, innovative and creative content for your customers

Real estate marketing is a discipline that aims to promote the buying and selling of real estate. If you are an estate agent, it is essential to understand the issues your clients (buyers and sellers) face and create content to address them. By understanding their issues in your sector, your company will then have to adopt a multi-channel communication strategy adapted to each media platform where your targets are present.

Therefore, to retain your prospects you will need to answer the questions they have and entertain them. For example, if you identify that qualified prospects in your sector are interested in typical real estate projects, then you can develop a blog attached to your website and talk about topics such as “buying and selling” or “selling property“.

To implement a good editorial strategy, you will need to know your sector, its issues, the queries your prospects have, and the platforms they use to find answers. You will then be able to create content that is relevant to your local audience and answer their questions, thereby generating interest in your services.

To help you with your local content strategy for your real estate inbound marketing, you can call on one of our marketing consultants. Our communication agency is staffed with over 30 experts and web enthusiasts who are here to help you achieve and exceed your goals. We know your world, your customers and your digital visibility needs.

  • Video, the most popular format for the real estate sector

In the real estate sector, video is one of the most powerful levers for a successful inbound marketing strategy. It is the format preferred by Internet users and therefore the most effective for generating interaction. It is also the format most promoted by media platforms. To give you an example, on LinkedIn in 2022, videos generated 5 times more engagement than other formats.

So we will use video to present real estate, give advice, talk to clients, present our team etc. With good quality videos, it is easy to get noticed in your sector and generate more traffic to your website.

In addition, the advantage of the video format is that you can adapt it to the different social networks. Focusing on a multimedia video strategy will allow you to highlight your real estate business on your website, on social networks such as YouTube and also benefit from visibility in Google search results.

YouTube, as well as being a social network, is owned by Google and is the second most used search engine. With proper optimisation of the titles and description of your YouTube videos, you can generate long-term results if the content is well thought out beforehand.
With the right strategy, YouTube videos can be timeless, so a video you shoot today can still have a positive impact on your SEO in 5 years time. So videos really are a must in your inbound marketing strategy.

Finally, using video can improve your branding and anchor your brand in the minds of your potential customers. Indeed, video is the format that allows you to release the most emotions and therefore by integrating it into your real estate inbound marketing strategy, video will allow you to develop your authenticity and convey messages in line with the values and DNA of your company. You will be able to build your own brand image and distinguish yourself from other real estate agencies.

To meet your photo and video needs, we have developed LakeProd, a multimedia division composed of experts dedicated to all your audiovisual projects. Our studio is composed of photographers, videographers, directors, motion designers and specialists in editing and post-production.

  • Creating an engaged community through social networks with a community manager

Social networks are a major issue in any content strategy, as they offer a strong potential for dissemination. With more than 3.5 million active users in Switzerland in 2022 and a capture of 67% of the country’s 15-24 year olds, Facebook and Instagram are key tools to increase your visibility and online presence among your qualified prospects. Moreover, these networks allow you to keep control of your brand image by boosting the visibility of positive comments, liking, creating interactions and responding to the issues of your future customers in your sector.

If you do not have the time and resources in-house, you can delegate your communication to a Community Manager from our team. The community manager is responsible for creating and managing the online communities of a company or brand, interacting with community members on different platforms and encouraging them to discuss and share information and content. The Community Manager will also manage public relations and marketing operations.

Since a Community Manager can never replace a real estate advisor, you should make sure that the Community Manager you want to delegate your communication to is well trained and knows your sector, its issues and uses the right social media to interact with your targets. If the Community Manager doesn’t understand your audience, then they won’t be able to anticipate their problems and therefore create the right marketing content to interact with them and allow you to gain visibility and awareness on social networks.

This is why, at Habefast, our Community Managers are also consultants specialized in digital. They use tools on a daily basis that allow them to identify real estate buyers and sellers, their queries and the issues they search for on search engines. These tools will then allow them to create content on the appropriate media platform, and thus drive qualified traffic. Finally, they will monitor the results by setting up indicators that will allow them to analyse the results and anticipate new trends in your sector. Our Community Managers will then be able to plan specific content that responds to your clients’ future requests and thus generate interest in your agency’s services.

Real estate communication agency, improve your conversion rate with an optimised acquisition strategy

  • Improve the user experience of your leads on your real estate agency website

Although photos and videos are essential to stand out from other real estate agencies, the user experience (UX) on your website will be essential to boost your conversion rate and improve user satisfaction. UX is about qualifying a user’s experience and providing them with the best experience on your website.

Developing the user interface requires technical effort, but UX can produce impactful results when it is well optimized. Providing a site that is relevant to local buyers and sellers will positively influence your e-reputation and therefore increase demand for your agency services. In other words, the more the user experience is taken into account and well optimized, the more time spent on your agency pages and your conversion rate are likely to be high.

Do you want to create a website that promotes user experience and makes a lasting impression on users? Contact us.

  • Integrate a chatbot on your website to offer properties instantly to your prospects

Chatbots and instant messengers are popular communication tools for internet users and can help simplify customer service management. The benefits of chatbots are immediate response to customers, 24/7 availability and continuous improvement of your interaction processes with buyers and sellers.

The use of chatbots will therefore allow your real estate advisors to interact instantly with prospects from your website to suggest properties they might like. But also to simplify the navigation of users to access directly to the content they came looking for on your website.

Setting up chatbots can be costly and time consuming, and customers generally prefer human interaction for more complex issues. Companies should therefore consider these positive and negative aspects before integrating chatbots into their marketing strategy.

  • Grow your results and your email list of prospects with Google Ads campaigns

The last step for a successful real estate inbound marketing strategy is going to be to accelerate lead generation automatically in your sales tunnels with different levers like advertising campaigns: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads or even Google Ads to send your qualified leads to your landing page to get many more emails each day and many more results afterwards.

Capitalizing on social media is an effective way to grow your audience and visibility. Having a well-managed Facebook page and Instagram account can help you achieve your goals. However, you should keep in mind that these platforms do not belong to you, and can be closed or hacked at any time. An email list, on the other hand, belongs to you, and can be stored in your software. For this reason, it is important to capture data through social networks and collect emails. This will allow you to build a contact list and communicate directly with your target audience.

Google Ads campaigns are particularly effective in achieving specific goals, such as promoting real estate and estate agency websites. They are designed to target a specific audience and offer measurable and sustainable results. In addition, Google Ads campaigns can reach the top positions of search engines, which increases website visibility and traffic. They are easy to implement and fully integrated into a real estate inbound marketing strategy.

Habefast est une agence de publicité certifiée Google Partner, spécialisée dans les campagnes Google Ads. Nous sommes fiers d’avoir l’expérience et les connaissances requises pour offrir un service de qualité à nos clients. Notre équipe de spécialistes est constamment à l’écoute des nouvelles tendances et technologies, et testent constamment les campagnes pour obtenir des résultats optimaux. Grâce à cette expertise, vous êtes assuré de bénéficier des meilleures pratiques et des meilleurs résultats lorsque vous travaillez avec Habefast.

Habefast is a Google Partner certified advertising agency, specialising in Google Ads campaigns. We pride ourselves on having the experience and knowledge to provide a quality service to our clients. Our team of specialists are constantly aware of new trends and technologies, and constantly test campaigns for optimal results. With this expertise, you can be assured of best practice and results when working with Habefast.


In conclusion, real estate inbound marketing is an effective and profitable way to promote your real estate agency business in the long term. A communications agency, with experts specialising in the real estate sector, can help you implement and optimise your inbound marketing strategy with attractive, innovative and local content, good quality videos and a community manager to help you create an engaged community and interact with your prospects. Finally, to improve your conversion rate, integrating a chatbot on your website and Google Ads campaigns will help you generate qualified leads and build a contact list.